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FAQ last updated: 23 April 1998
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Table of Contents

General Johnny Clegg/Band Questions:

G1: What's the most recent information on new recordings?
G2: What's the most recent information on a tour or live appearances?
G3: Is there an official Johnny Clegg fan club?
G4: What are the names of the current band members? And is it Juluka now or Savuka, anyway?
G5: What do "Juluka", "Savuka", "Zasha", "Halala", etc., mean?
G6: What books and articles are there about Johnny Clegg and the band?
G7: Where can I get tour T shirts or other merchandise?

Music Questions:

M1: Where can I get a complete list of all Johnny Clegg/Juluka/Savuka recordings?
M2: Where can I get a complete list of all lyrics to songs? Including the Zulu translations?
M3: What music videos are available?
M4: Where can I get guitar chords for the songs?
M5: What types and brands of instruments do the band members play?
M6: How can I get a copy of recording X?

Biographical Questions:

B1: Where can I find biographies of Johnny Clegg and band members?
B2: What about more personal info on the band (birthdays, marriages, children, etc.)?
B3: How is Sipho Mchunu's name pronounced?
B4: What other bands have the band members played with?
B5: Whatever happened to band member X? And who is the woman on the back of "Scatterlings"?

List/Internet Questions:

L1: Is Scatterlings-L officially connected to Johnny Clegg or his management?
L2: Are archives of postings to the list available?
L3: Is it OK to discuss/review bootleg recordings, do tape trading, etc., on Scatterlings-L?
L4: How many people are on this list?
L5: Where are the people on this list from?
L6: How can I get a copy of that list T-shirt I keep hearing about?
L7: Where can I find photos?
L8: Are there other web sites I can check out?

South African/Other Music Questions:

S1: I love Johnny Clegg's music, but there isn't enough of it: what else can I listen to, and where can I find it?
S2: Who's covered Johnny Clegg's songs?
S3: What do terms like mbaqanga, kwela, etc., mean?

South African Cultural Questions:

C1: I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know that much about South Africa: what can I read?
C2: Is there a list of videos or movies about SA?
C3: I'd like to learn more about the Zulu language: any suggestions?
C4: I don't really want to study Zulu, just pronounce it: is there a guide to pronunciation?

FAQ Questions:

F1: Where did all this FAQ information come from?
F2: I have suggestions for things to add to or change in the FAQ: what do I do?