In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
gyre and gimble in the wabe


In D.C. 2003, Dr. Temma who is the Director General of the Science and Technology Agency who Lost his beloved son in a car accident. He tried to come to Life his son Tobio. And then his son was become a new boy. The boy is called one and only the best scientific work of art. After that he passed through the Robot Circus and others. After then he was taken care of by Dr. Ochanomizu. And he took an active part in the cause of Love and Justice. Now he is called "ASTRO BOY".


His muscular strength is 100,000 hp so he can bring heavy goods up easily.


He has an translated machine in his thrort so he has a very good command of 60 foreign languages.


They can become an machine gun as a weapon.

Allen Knutson
1033 Evans Hall U. C. Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720 (510) 642-4319

Sofia Akber and I were married on July 14th, 2001; we held koalas etc. on our honeymoon. We now have two absurdly cute kittens.

I started at Berkeley in 1999, and have a very dull page there. Less dull (?) now that I moved my math papers there.

A little history of me - schools, travel, juggling conventions, that sort of thing. Conversely, here's a fake history.

What do you see? What do you hear?

A Java juggling animator I was involved in creating. Here's a picture of me juggling with a second creator, on the lawn of the third.

Frequently Asked Questions

My alter egos:

  • entomologist (read about my exploits here),
  • electronics technician, and
  • battalion command sergeant major.
  • Evidently I am no longer a Saturn parts consultant.

    Hallowe'en 2002

    When I'm in Paris I stay with my friends Les Roubadours.

    If you feel lucky you might try out my Java Littelman path software. I also had a hand in writing the Java honeycomb applet.

    Here's my siteswap FAQ. Here's one of the dumber web virii I have seen. Enjoy.

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    Gratuitous Alta Vista:

    If there are some very difficult computation, he can work out them in one second.

    He is a robot but he can feel people's mind whether it is right or wrong.

    He can Speak 60 foreign languages.


    His eyes can substitute like a search light in the dark.


    If he push his two ears button, his heaving power can become 1,000 times.


    His feet can fly fast in the sky with jet. And they can become a rocket in the space.