I recently leafed through my too-large assortment of CDs to lend the cream of the crop to a friend. That much work done to sort them, you may now find out which albums I find worthy of many, many listenings. Please don't bother asking me "Why is this on/not on the list?" - this is just a snapshot of what I saw at the time. Why are you reading this, anyway?
Album Artist Notes
Blood Sugar Sex Magic Red Hot Chili Peppers
The score from "The Catherine Wheel" David Byrne
UB40 UB40
Dire Straits Dire Straits
Portfolio Steeleye Span Irish/Scottish folk
The Best of & the Rest of Steeleye Span Irish/Scottish folk
Living in the Past Jethro Tull "Heavy Metal", according to the Grammys
The Globe Big Audio Dynamite ][
The Lion and the Cobra Sinead O'Connor
Debut Bjork
Zooropa U2
Houses of the Holy Led Zeppelin
Bookends Simon and Garfunkel
The Golden Age of Wireless Thomas Dolby
Dreamboat Annie Heart
Naked Talking Heads
Purple Electric Violin Concerto Ed Alleyne-Johnson sounds like just what it sounds like
Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, & Bass L'Orchestre de Contrebasses