The Official errata is appended to the end of the page.


1.1: Do canal hexside bridges negate the +1 cost for a canal hexside?

A: Yes.

1.1: Do canal hexside bridges negate the halving for overrun?

A: No.

1.1b: Prohibited hexsides in Fallschirmjaeger confer an attacker quartered benefit for the defense in combat. Yet in the series rules, no attack can be made into a hex that a unit can not enter through movement. Has this series rule been superseded (can't find anything specifically in the rules). Because of the 1/4 mention, I will assume that the series rule _has_ been superseded because of the almost tactical nature of the game, but that a unit can't advance into the hex if the defenders are eliminated.

A: See 1.1i.  You are correct, the series rule is suspended, and there is no advance after combat. This is because at this scale units can project their firepower into adjacent hexes, even if they will be unable to move there.

1.1f: I'm still a little confused about the Maas bridges in Rotterdam (hex 31.19). Rule 1.1f states it is both a City hex and a Full-Bridge hex, so the hex is "normal" for both Combat and Barrage. It's clear that defended the hex is at normal strength. But are attacks *from* the hex at 1/4? That's not "normal", but it's what I would expect from combining the effects of a City and Full- Bridge hex.

A: All the city and bridge mods cancel out, so x4 and x1/4=1, and -2+2 for barrage=0. Attacking out of this one hex only is x1 (the other two bridge hexes are x1/4).
1.1h: Do canal ferries have any game function?

A: No.

1.1h: Are units allowed to advance after combat across ferries?

A: You can advance after combat over ferries, even if it seems counterintuitive, it is legal.

1.1h: We were puzzled by the ferry from the Maasstation to 28.17 on the same side of the river. We guessed it connects to IJsselmonde (27.17). Correct?

A: No, it connects 28.17 to 31.18. The other ferry there (the black one) connects 28.17 to Ijsselmonde. Nothing can move via ferry from 31.18 to Ijsselmonde without having to enter 28.17 along the way.

1.1j: Is the Waalhaven a major river for ship movement purposes?

A: All parts of the river are down to the "End of Major River" line...and here I thought putting the line right on the map would keep guys from getting confused, silly me.


1.8: Is the "free" mandatory AA fire triggered by an adjacent Stuka barrage?

A: no.


1.10f: How are leaders captured if they start alone in a hex ? Does the attacker just move into the hex and take them or does he have to attack them ?

A: The capturing player must make an overrun attack on the leader.

1.10a: Can leaders be used for step losses?

A: no.

1.10a: Are the leaders elimined when taking a step loss or are they immune to combat step losses?

A: yes, immune.

1.10a: Are the leader's combat value modified by terrain?

A: yes.

1.10a: Do the attacking units take losses when attacking a lone leader?

A: yes.

Adhoc Companies

1.10c: Student can recover two steps by bringing in a new ad hoc FJ company, or alternatively recover one step by upgrading a reduced ad hoc FJ company. Correct?

A: Sure can.

1.10e: Can a destroyed ad hoc FJ company be recovered by Student? If not, can it be added to the pool of available ad hoc FJ companies once the first seven are used?

A: If destroyed they go back into the pool.


2.6: What is the *#%@!#-ing airlanding procedure?

If AAA is fired and hits, follow procedure 1.8c and 1.8d, if no hits occur proceed immediately to the Air Landing Table.
In the hex were the Air Landing units are now located you must initiate the Air Landing Procedure, if the result is 1 or less, the forces scatter again (1.8d).
This scattering of the landing forces can go on for ever (theoratically) and 1 unit/stack can be responsible for dozens of lost Ju52s (theoratically). The scattering only stops when units
successfully land or aborts.

Airfield capacity

2.6a : The airfield capacity, what is it?  Steps or units?

A: Ju-52 points.

Air support tables

3.8c: Do you use both the Dutch and the British air support tables on turn 7?

A: Yes.

Airfield Control

4.0a: Are ships with AA factors, "AA units" for airfield control purposes?

A: Yes.

4.0a: Does an AA unit that is DG but in range of an airfield count for control?

A: No.

4.0e(3): Question about the extra VPs the Germans gain if certain Dutch units appear as reinforcements. For example in turn 4: the 4th Regiment appears and 2 arty cos. The number of VPs the Germans gain is 2. Do they gain them if the 2 arty cos appear or if all of them appear? Do the VPs only concern the one line they are put behind? Turn 5 for example: 2VPs for the Germans if the reinfs in Area D appear, none for the reinfs in areas F & C...

A: Pretty sure the VPs are for the entire group. (Actually the rules state that it's any of the listed group). For the second example if any of the area D reinforcements are taken, it's 2 VPs (so take 'em all!), but the F and C reinforcements are free. Basically it is 1 VP per battalion (well, okay not exactly).


5.2: I'm playing Fallschirmjager with a friend. We're playing the second scenario and the rules state to cut the air units in half. I'm not sure how to apply this. Say if the German palyer rolls to recieve 2 JU-87s and 2 He-111s it obvious he gets one of each. But what if he rolls to get 1xJU-97 and 1XHe-111. Does he get both because you round up or does he only get one aircraft and chooses which one to take?

A: Standard rounding rule: Round up!

5.2: Also, can the German player pick where he lands the FJ units?

A: Yes!

Official Errata

5-08 Fallschirmjaeger (10.May 2001)

1. The Air Supply Head diagram on page 7 has the labels for the values flip-flopped. On the counter shown, the number of Ju-52 Points needed is 10 and the Supply Range is 25. The rules textual description is correct.

2. Ignore the use of "controlled" in the first paragraph of 2.6. There is no requirement that the airfield be controlled by the Germans so as to be used, only that no Dutch units currently occupy the hex.

3. The Stadium Jumpers in 2.5b can move three hexes of city or village terrain.

4. The example of ship movement in 3.3a at the top of page 8 incorrectly lists the ending hex as 28.27. It should say 28.17.

5. The x1/4 strength modifier for a full-hex bridge should be clarified that it reads Dx1/4 when the defender is in the hex and Ax1/4 when the attacker is attacking from the hex.

6. In the Ranged weapons section, the rules describe AA units as having a Blue number on a Light Blue backing. They are Purple, as the rest of the rules and the counters suggest.