Me, October 2004
More current pictures are on Facebook.

Here is my resume as a Google doc, and as a pdf.

I use briankflau as my ID onSkype, Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

My wife is looking for an accounting position, or maybe work as a technical recruiter/sourcer.
Her resume as a Google doc, and pdf.

In the past, she was a Corporate Secretary (financial officer of a company, not someone who helps with typing, filing and schedules).
She is certified as an Enrolled Agent.

Her linkedin profile is here.

Here is my piggy moving story.

Piggy as a baby, about 2 months old, 3 pounds. 7 inches, Pasadena, CA.
She fit in one of my jacket pockets, and used a paint roller tray for a swimming pool. I weighed her with a kitchen scale.
Piggy age 4, Altadena, CA.

I am sad to announce that Piggy died the morning of 1/1/2011 at our home in Huntington Beach.
This was the home I bought specifically so I could continue to keep her.
She was born 7/15/1995, making her 15.5 at death.
Since childhood, I have never lived longer with another.
She will be missed much.