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David J. E. Callaway, PhD
Professor and Laboratory Director
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"There's plenty of room at the bottom: An invitation to enter a new field of physics."
−Richard Feynman−

★David J. E. Callaway★ (大卫·凯乐威) is a biological nanophysicist in the New York University School of Medicine. He is Professor and Laboratory Director. Dr Callaway has worked extensively in the field of Alzheimer's disease, specifically in understanding and controlling amyloid formation. His Alzheimer's program has developed and patented several potent new therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease, based upon apomorphine, which are discussed here. Dr Callaway initiated the study of protein domain dynamics by neutron spin echo spectroscopy, allowing the direct observation of protein nanomachinery in motion. Protein dynamics underlies the physics of cancer and other phenomena (like long-range allostery) essential for addressing human disease. It is also a cornerstone of synthetic biology.

Earlier work of his involved the invention (with Aneesur Rahman ) of the microcanonical ensemble approach to lattice gauge theory. This introduction of molecular dynamics methods significantly increased computational efficiency in the numerical simulation of quantum field theories. Other work showed that quantum triviality provided new constraints on the Higgs boson, such as a bounded or calculable Higgs mass. Professor Callaway later published a well-cited monograph on the subject. He has also shown a direct connection between black hole entropy and liquid surface tension. He also reformulated the Laughlin model of the fractional statistics quantum Hall effect using random matrix theory, affording a connection to geometric models of string theory, and showed that the superconducting intermediate state allowed a direct view of a quantum phase space.

In his ★copious★ free time, he sails the world and climbs its mountains.

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A first look at nanoscale protein dynamics HERE!

Protein nanomachines are far more complex than any molecular machines that have yet been artificially constructed.
Their skillful utilization likely represents the future of medicine.
Our work clears significant hurdles to the use of this very important tool.
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Some climbing pix:

What I looked like (3 weeks without a bath) after climbing McKinley/Denali (Alaska) and HERE. Here I am at the summit and the summit ridge HERE. And here I am halfway up, at Genet Basin. And here I am climbing the headwall above it, and HERE are Denali Pass (from above) and Archdeacons Tower. And here I am finally coming home!

WIth Stuart McGuinness at Kilimanjaro summit (Tanzania/Kenya, Africa) HERE and three shots of Uhuru point, one of Gillman's point with Stuart, and one of the way up from Kibo hut HERE and another summit shot HERE and obligatory certificate. Crossing into the arctic circle on Baffin Island ( Pangnirtung fjord, Nunavut) with Iain Nicholl and Stuart HERE and HERE.

Climbing the Lhotse face of Everest

Been there (summit pic), done THAT( Aiguille de Rochefort, Alps) and THAT ( north face, Tour Ronde, Chamonix, France) and HERE I am at the summit (Left to right:Dent du Geant, Mont Mallet, Aiguille de Rochefort, Grandes Jorasses, Grand Combin, Dent d'Herens, Matterhorn) . And then there is THAT ( Aconcagua, Argentina). HERE I am at the summit. And HERE I am halfway up. And the Canaleta, Berlin Hut, summit ridge, and two summit shots HERE. And HERE is an anima sola. At the summit of the Matterhorn (Switzerland/Italy) HERE. On the Mittelegi ridge of the Eiger (Switzerland) HERE and at the summit HERE and summit HERE. Mittelegi and East ridges from summit HERE and Adolf von Allmen HERE. Kleine Scheidegg and West Flank from Eigersattel HERE and HERE. On the Lhotse face of Everest HERE and HERE and HERE. Climbing Chulu West (Nepal) right HERE.

At Everest Base Camp with Brian Blessed and Pasang Sherpa

Sometimes, for relaxation, I go rock climbing like HERE in the Gunks. ( This is called Belly Roll). Some assorted Alpine climbs HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. The Vallee Blanche, ( Mont Blanc , Chamonix, France) moments before I skied it. Going whitewatering after shark diving on the Great Barrier Reef. At the Khyber Pass (Afghanistan/Pakistan) HERE and HERE and HERE. Eating a soggy breakfast after a rainy night on Baffin Island. Danger! do not approach! Gathering intrepidness before another Baffin stream crossing HERE. Behind is Mt Thor, a 4101 foot granite cliff with a 105 degree overhang, making it the Earth's greatest purely vertical drop. An interesting climb. And HERE I cross the Weasel River on the now-defunct Windy Lake bridge. Climbing Everest with Brian Blessed and Pasang Sherpa shown HERE. Me at Everest base (Nepal) HERE and HERE and HERE.

Tour Ronde, near Mont Blanc

Returning from another Himalayan expedition HERE. ( Lukla photo by my late friend Ginette Harrison.) Photo HERE of avalanche above Camp 1 on Broad Peak (Pakistan) -- A good thing I was slow on the way down! Making basecamp for Broad Peak on the Concordia Glacier is shown HERE. At the summit of Mt Cook (New Zealand) HERE and HERE and HERE and (almost there!) HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and Arthur Collins there (photo by me!) HERE. Fluid balance is essential at high altitude. HERE and HERE I demonstrate how to do it in Dingboche, Nepal. Climbing Shishapangma in Tibet (and drinking beer) with my late friend Jean-Christophe_Lafaille right HERE. Climbing the Khumbu icefall on Everest HERE HERE HERE HERE and HERE. At K2 Base Camp HERE. Note the neat Chamonix bag! At the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest point of Australia HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. Rigorously training to climb Broad Peak (Pakistan) at Satpara_Lake with my late friend Mark Vallance (photo HERE). Our porter team in Pakistan HERE. Carrying loads in the Karakorum HERE. Receiving Tengboche blessings from Ngawang Tenzing Jangpo HERE. Climbing the Dalle de l'Amone (aka the Amone slab) near Martigny Switzerland: Photos HERE and HERE by my late friend Roger Payne. A newspaper interview from a few years ago.

Eco Challenge

See my brief TV career ( Eco Challenge , the event that started reality TV!) HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE with Mark Burnett, and author time HERE. Sometimes I wear very nice clothes like HERE but mostly I am in my shambolic redoubt (i.e.,office) HERE unless I am giving a commencement address at Rockefeller like HERE or riding my horse through Brooklyn. Our lab meetings are somewhat unusual.

Me (age 24) as a fresh PhD in Seattle HERE.
ISEF First Award winner HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Neutron spin echo with Bela Farago at ILL Grenoble HERE.
Designing submarines with Graham Hawkes right HERE.
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Talking business with billionaire Jeffry Picower right HERE.
Invited to meet Pakistan's prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
In the arena at Nimes and Teddy Roosevelt.
Window shopping here and here and here in Geneva (Rue Etienne Dumont 1).
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