Contacting Castor

The best way to find me is by e-mail. I have two permanent e-mail addresses: and They're probably good to find me unless I've just decided to stop reading e-mail for a while.

The right to privacy is perhaps not in the constitution, but it probably does fall into the use it or lose it category. So, if you want to send me something privately, use PGP. My PGP key was created back in the dark ages, and so you might want some of these ancient keys to verify the signatures.

I also have a thawte S/MIME key, but if I get mail encrypted that way these days, it'll take a while to thaw it out. I also don't know how one easily distributes the public half of the key. If you actually use S/MIME, bug me and we'll do something.

I've been living in the San Francisco Bay Area off and on (mostly on) since about 1987.

Short Resume

Currently I'm working at a small startup called Geocast Network Systems. We're so new that we're a computer networking company whose web server's total content in bytes can be counted on two hands.

Before that, I worked for almost exactly three years at The Kernel Group, probably the best place to go if you want consultants familiar with IBM's flavor of AIX. They're also darn good at the enterprise computing consulting game which includes things like disaster recovery, backups that work, etc. I worked for them in scenic Austin, Texas and not-so-scenic New York City.

Before that, I spent many years at Stanford, before finally getting a PhD in theoretical physics.

Since you're looking at this page, you can probably guess that I did my undergrad work at Caltech.

Random Links

Here are links to a few things. No doubt much of this is woefully out of date, as this is based on an old backup.

Sources for my current copy of Topdraw -- a plotting program for the 80's are here .

Since used to do physics, and one way physicists are supposed to communicate by writing papers, I'm putting a few documents on this here . My dissertation grew from two papers on FeSi. The first was an electronic structure calculation. The second describes a model to explain some discrepancies between the first paper and reality.

Links I like: