A Conversation in the World's End Bar

If you don't know what the World's End Bar is, suffice it to say that it was the one room on AmberMUSH where everyone who wanted to be someone hung out. It was a room which people from various parts could stumble into and order pretty much anything from the bar. I mean _anything_, which often got very silly. In short, it's a bar. Various aliens hang out there and bemoan their fates.

Laurie looks something like:

About a foot tall, spiky blonde hair cut short, green eyes. Wearing jeans torn at the knees, a red halter top, and worn sneakers. Long iridescent dragonfly wings emerge from her back.

This log has been edited and formatted. Some lines have been moved, and some instances of 'you' have been replaced with proper names. All the 'At your table, ' prefixes have been removed.

[ Laurie is sitting at the bar, or more literally, on it. Other persons with speaking parts are also sitting at the bar. ]

Polis blanches as he notices Laurie's wings.

Polis eases away....

Laurie says "What'sa matter?"

Laurie looks at Polis.

Guest says "Nice wings, Laurie"

Polis eyes Laurie. "She wouldn't happen to be a greenie, would she?"

Polis measures the distance to the mirror.

Laurie looks at her hands, both sides, then peeks down her halter top. "Nope. Not a greenie."

Laurie says ""Not today, anyway. What's a greenie?"

Usagi says "He is wondering if you're a woodland or nature spirit."

Polis nods shortly, clearly ready to bolt.

Laurie says "Um, y'mean like a Dryad? No, not really. I'm Laurie."

Laurie looks at Polis. "Who're you?"

Polis says "Polis- a Fae of Urban places."

Laurie says "Urban? Like towns and stuff? Cool. Been to Santa Cruz?"

Polis says "Not that I recall, I'm afraid..."

Polis still eyes Laurie warily.

Laurie says "What city are you from, then?"

Polis says "It doesn't really matter... it was an archetypical one."

Laurie orders a plate of two vegetarian potstickers. Edward pushes it across the bar and it slides to a stop in front of her.

Laurie eats a potsticker, quite messily.

Polis doesn't seem to regard Laurie's meal as at all inocuous.

Laurie wipes her hands on someone or other's napkin.

Guest wonders what happened to his napkin.

Triscal looks at his now used napkin..."Thanks...just what I need, germs. ;)"

Laurie says "I only used the corner..."

Polis regards the napkin.

Polis leans conspiratorially close. "Bacillae are so easily cowed."

Laurie says "Yeah, but you gotta look out for their whatsiscalled that turns you to stone..."

Polis blinks. "I don't quite understand."

Laurie says "You're a Fae and you don't know what a basilisk is? Huh."

Polis sniffs. "Basilisks are strictly the province of the rurals."

Guest says "Basilisks? Nasty creatures if ya dont have a mirror..."

Polis says "Right-thinking Urbans have nothing to do with them."

Laurie says "Who you calling rural? Anyway, they're stupid and boring."

Polis eyes Laurie again. "But you _do_ seem to know a great deal about them..."

Guest says "Whats wrong with being rural?"

Polis says "I'm not quite certain you've been entirely honest with me."

Polis glances towards the mirror.

Laurie says "Why would I lie? Who're you afraid of, anyway?"

Polis says "The greenies."

Polis says "They hate the cities with a passion, you know."

Polis says "And I do imagine you know..."

Laurie says "Yeah, I know who you mean. They think two huts together is a catastrophe..."

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