Better living through MUDs

What, I hear you ask, are MUDs? Well, here's a FAQ. I have played a variety of characters on various MUDs, the most widely known are probably Islandia and AmberMUSH. (The MUDs, not the characters.)

Una Caroline Amanda Theresa is a daughter of Eric, the once-and-future-probably-many-times-over king of Amber, and Caroline Amanda Theresa Helena, queen of the shadow kingdom called Morion. Some of Una's family tree on her father's side is available for perusal. It is somewhat incomplete; Una has a daughter that she is raising off in Shadow somewhere, the details closely guarded, both from enemies and the family. (Assuming there is a difference.)

One of her close friends was Constantine, then of House Aspnes, even though he was a member of the enemy government. This caused a lot of stress, naturally, but there were playful moments. A lot of fighting goes on on AmberMUSH, much of it very poorly written, so Constantine's player and I attempted to run a well-written fight scene.

Solitude (Saraquel n'ti'Zariski v'Roshven d'Pilarei n's'Desyatt ti'n'to'Aspnes) is, if you can decipher the convoluted Chaosian naming scheme, a citizen (although currently officially dead) of the other end of the Amber spectrum. She is one of the oldest (that's centuries) surviving members of House Aspnes, a noble house of Chaos that had a rather spectacular rise and fall. She is also quite mad, and fond of dangerously advanced technology and heavy machinery.

Laurie was a punk sprite from Arcadia. She liked drums, bands, and Santa Cruz. She gave up on the whole Amber scene once she found a way back to Santa Cruz, where people are slightly less likely to kill each other for no discernable reason. She is probably the happiest and most well-adjusted of all my Amber characters, although she seemed to disturb others., Last Modified 7 August 1997