Joan Alexandra Bernadette Sophia

Princess Royal, Duchess of Stelvio, Countess Borislava, Knight-Commander of the Order of the Flame

A small, sloe-eyed woman stands in a formal portrait-pose in a dark-panelled room with four windows, each showing a different season. She is wearing full plate armor decorated with a simple design inlaid in gold, one slender hand resting on the matching burgonet-helmet lying on a table, the other on the hilt of her sword. Dark hair cut page-boy style surrounds a pale, almost mask-like face, pale gray eyes looking out past the viewer into the far distance.

Burgundy and gold are her colours.

Her arms are:

Per pale, burgundy and Or, two swords, sable crossed in saltire, and in chief an Orb of the Four Seasons.

(An Orb of the Four Seasons is a cross sable upon a plate argent)

Stelvio was originally a large marcher duchy in the Autumnlands, near both the border with the Summerlands and the original border with the Rimlands, before the latter was pushed back. It was granted by Brand to his daughter Joan in K.??.

Torre di Stelvio/Villa Stelvio is the name of the actual manor. The original castle still stands and is functional, but over the last decade the estate has been developed, and the residence is now a large villa near the castle. There is no village as such, but the estate is large enough to count as a self-contained village all on its own. Stelvio is known for producing apples and raising horses.

Edmond du Plessis. A young man of just over 8 kalends old, Edmond is Joan's current squire, and has been with her for the last couple of kalends. Being chosen a squire to a daughter of Brand is a very exalted post, and generally a sign that he will go places in Autumnlands politics in his later years. Edmond is the son of the noble and influential du Plessis family in the Autumnlands.

Edmond is a clever fellow, not too tall, well-built, fair haired, and genrally helpful and charming. He does come from a powerful Autumnlands family, though with all that that implies.

Royce (Steward).

Royce is an older man, maybe 30 kalends old, dark hair greying, beard, broad shoulders just beginning to stoop.

Since this game is no longer active, here is Joan's character sheet.