Joan Alexandra Bernadette Sophia, daughter of Belissa

Princess Royal, Duchess of Stelvio, Countess Borislava, Knight-Commander of the Order of the Flame



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Power Words:
Earth: StickFire: Shatter
Earth: LockFire: Unlock
Earth: SnuffFire: Flame
Earth: DozeFire: Awaken
Earth: RefreshFire: Pain

  1. Cat's Eye. Lets the target see at least as well as on an overcast day, even in total darkness.
  2. Location. Caster knows roughly how far away (in terms of days of travel) and in what direction the Silver City lies.
  3. Over-the-hill. Gives the caster clairvoyance of a reasonably nearby target; over a hill, inside castle walls. It does not allow walls or roofs to be seen through, only an overhead perspective. (Projected as a map?)
  4. Hellride. Permits the target to move at full speed, on foot or on horse back, as fast as the terrain allows. It won't let her ride any faster through hip-deep mud, but will avoid stumbles, gopher holes, sinkholes, low hanging branches, and running into trees.
  5. Fog of war. This spell affects a large area, and entire battlefield. Essentially, it makes sure one designated side can clearly percieve all flags, standards, signals, and other organizational and command stuff, while the other side has all such things obscured.
  6. Battering Ram. This spell creates a shockwave strong enough to knock down a section of palisade, smash a gate, or crush a small timber-frame house. A couple of applications can break even a stone wall, but to get through a good rubble-cored castle or city wall would take over half a dozen castings. Any people caught in it would get squished, of course.
  7. Clarion. This allows the caster to project her voice, loud enough or over a large enough area to affect one military camp, a small village, or a section of a city.
  8. Ward. This is not a locking spell, but is cast on a lock, and will record anyone who opens the lock, breaks the seal, etc.
  9. Soberup. This cleans all the effects of alcohol or ingested drugs out of the target's system. It leaves the target feeling as if she's eaten a lot of earth or sand to absorb the alcohol, but 'a hair of the dog that bit you' is sufficient to remove the taste.

  1. Brand
  2. Garnet
  3. Etain
  4. Melanie
  5. ?
  6. Horus the bastard
  7. Audrey
  8. Belissa
  9. Freya
  10. Morwen
  11. Elaine
  1. Springsgate
  2. Summersgate
  3. Autumnsgate
  4. Wintersgate
  5. Torre di Stelvio/Villa Stelvio
  6. Krepostia Borislava a fortress
  7. somewhere in the Winterlands
  8. ?