The Springlands

Lord of Spring
There is supposed to be a Lord of Spring who is responsible to the High King
for the Springlands.  The most recent Lord of Spring was Roland of Brampton
Falls, who was last seen setting off to fight a dragon a kalend ago, and the
numerous kingdoms and city states in the Springlands haven't decided if they
should wait for him to return or if they should hold a tourney to choose a
new Lord.  Not that there can ever be too many tourneys, but there would
have to be some kind of agreement about where to hold this one, which is
beginning to look as if it will require another tourney.

The Summerlands

the line of Delacroix (the family of the Summer Prince)
                            Renault -+- Jeanne
               |                     |                    |
  Zarabet -+- Etienne (K.30-?)    Elaine (K.30-K.44)  Vivaine (K.28-?)
           |                         |
         Pierre (K.43-?)        Audrey, of the Sun (K.44-?)

Renault and Jeanne are retired.
Etienne Delacroix is the present Prince of Summer, as his father before him.
Zarabet is from the local Summerland nobility.
Elaine was sent to the Silver City as a diplomatic observer, which is how
 she came to know Brand.
Vivaine is a sorceress of some repute and acts as her brother's counsel.

The Autumnlands

about Morwen
When Morwen Celsuro was born, there were thirteen powerful Houses within the
Autumnlands, of various sizes and influence.  Three of these were considered
Great Houses because they were far more prominent than any of the others:
Barach, Kallikos, and Lerynar.  Of the Shadows within the Autumnlands, House
Lerynar dominated Rimshore, one of the ones closest to the Silver City and
also shared the Shadow of Tiloakend rather uneasily with House Celsuro.
Celsuro was only an average-sized House, but quite ambitious, favored by
Brand, and definitely recognized as a rising power.

For reasons which are unclear, but appear related to degrees of support of
the High King (Celsuro was significantly more devoted) and a strong sense of
familial pride in both Houses, the uneasy sharing became something of cross
between a low-intensity war and a blood feud.  Brand spoke with them several
times, but before a resolution could be reached, Lerynar annihilated Celsuro
with a direct and unsubtle military attack.  Morwen was the only survivor.
Brand took her as his ward; she was about five kalends old at the time.
There followed what amounted to a purge by Brand of what was left of Lerynar
after the retributive strike by Celsuro's mutually-assured destruction
measures.  Brand married Morwen three kalends later.

Possible candidates for blame-laying:
 - Brand:  He's responsible for everything under the Sun, isn't he? :)
 - Celsuro themselves, a less biased investigation will note, were not very
shy of their new-found status.  In fact, they were quite arrogant about it.
The general feeling in the Autumnlands (not shared by Brand) was that they
were due for a comeuppance.  The only thing shocking about it was its degree;
although occasional clashes and assassinations are not unexpected, nothing
before or since has gone so far.  Brand did -not- appear at all amused, and
the Houses toned down their traditional open rivalries noticably in its wake.
 - Lerynar:  They're still around, having fallen from the company of the
greatest of the Houses to that of the weakest.  This galls them terribly,
but they're in no position to do anything about it.  They have control of
only a fraction of their old holdings in Tiloakend.
 - Kallikos and Barach:  Now by far the two most powerful Houses of the
Autumnlands.  It's possible one or the other or both engineered the situation
to rid them of both a rival and a potential future competitor in one stroke.
Kallikos has a somewhat more machiavellian tradition than Barach, but on the
other hand has also proven more supportive of Brand's rule.  Neither of them
were particularly slow to back their stake in Rimshore after Lerynar's fall.
 - It is also possible that House Garim, a medium-sized House with a
reputation for looking out for themselves first, and/or House Keskt, a minor
House of otherwise little significance, were involved; they were the ones who
moved into what remained of Celsuro's and Lerynar's lands afterwards.

Autumnland Houses of the present day
  Great Houses (2): Barach, Kallikos
  Noble Houses (4): Angfam, Dergarra, Garim, Hadaar
  Minor Houses (6): Hurok, Keskt, Lerynar, Maerchim, Railiff, Wendren

major Shadows within the Autumnlands
Rimshore - Kallikos, Barach, Garim; near the inner rim
Anguirle - Railiff, Wendren; near the inner rim, Princess Melanie's duchy
Vinclaire - Angfam, Dergarra
Socaline - Garim, Hurok
Giltleaf - Barach, Hadaar; the Autumn Council is based here
Harvesthearth - Kallikos, Dergarra
Holispeake - Angfam, Maerchim
Crimsedge - Kallikos; on the boundary of the Summerlands
Duredge - Barach; on the boundary of the Winterlands
Tiloakend - Garim, Keskt, Lerynar

The Winterlands

about the Winterlands
The Snow Queen rules the Winterlands as she has since the first sunrise.
She is the only one of the regents of the four quarters of the world to
have remained in her position all this time.  She is said to be wily and
wise, yet winsome.  Certainly she is very powerful: in the High King's
absence, she is very likely the most adept wielder of magic in all the
Lands.  However, she never leaves her domain, and for any of her subjects
to is passing rare.  She usually resides in the Castle of Winter, mostly
alone, except for those she chooses to have near her.

The highest nobility of the Winterlands under the Queen are the Dukes (or
Duchesses), each of whom hold an entire Shadow -- what would be a Kingdom
(or twelve) in the Springlands or a province of the Autumnlands.  They are
generally allowed to do as they please, excepting that they are accountable
to the Queen; all must be acceptable should she pay a visit.  Sometimes
she does not give much forewarning.  So it goes.

Under the Dukes are the Counts, then the Viscounts, followed by the Barons.