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Velcro is my cat. His official birthday is May 1st, 1991, but since he was born feral, this is only a convenient approximation. He was an active, outgoing kitten, which made my housemate at that time insist that we get *this* one. (Can't we get a kitten? They're soooo cute.) Unfortunately, playfulness in a kitten seems to translate into agressiveness in an adult cat, at least in this case. Hence his full name. He has also been called, in the past, "Tiny Menace to Society", "Evil Black Otter", "Most Wretched", and "California Land Otter".

He often sits on furniture, such as the vcr, or one of the computers, but he is so bloated that he doesn't all fit there. He is also very fond of empty boxes.

I tend to grade his behavior on a scale. He averages out around "Adequate Pet", and has only made it to "Excellent Animal" for a whole day once in living memory.

When Velcro was first collected to be taken home, we discovered that he could stick to my housemate's coat. Until then we had been considering various names for the kitten, of varying degrees of sillyness, but it was made apparent that his name *was* Velcro.

While he does have a prickly personality, I am certain that my Velcro is a cat, and not a hedgehog.

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