The Arizona Memorial

Picture: Heroic gingerbread artists

In 1997, the gingerbread party fell on the 7th of December, so Jeremy (the guy holding the baking sheet) dared me to make a gingerbread copy of the Arizona Memorial. (Also please ignore my strange pose. :-)

Picture: Chrisber making windows

Here's a better view of the parts. I am loading the windows with crushed hard candy, which will be melted to form a translucent, almost transparent layer across the window opening. The triangular-shaped pieces were covered with blue icing, along with the board the whole contraption sat on, so you could just make out the shape 'under water'. The roof was made of several pieces, to accomodate the curve.

Picture: side view of Arizona memorial

I thought that no pictures of final creation existed, but fortunately, some have turned up! Here's a side view. The windows are very visible, and part of the hull outline can be seen (edge on, and covered in blue icing).

Picture: top view of Arizona memorial

Finally, this is a view from above. The 'underwater' effect of covering the hull-shaped pieces with blue icing came out very well. The building was done in white icing, with a candy-cane flagpole, and a turret-ring made from Pez candy. I even put in an oil patch on the surface of the water, which isn't visible in any of the pictures., Last Modifi ed 25 April 2002