Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Sugar

For the 1999 gingerbread party, I teamed up with Marith for a lavish production; a gingerbread cathedral.

Picture: AutoCad Plans

This required first of all drawing up the plans using AutoCad. This is a jpeg of the postscript printout of the AutoCad drawing, that was printed out and used as the paper pattern for cutting the gingerbread pieces.

Picture: Cathedral01
Picture: Cathedral02

These are two views of the initial construction. The walls are in place (with candy windows) and the interior is partially decorated. Apparently this cathedral has bright red shag carpeting!

Picture: Cathedral03
Picture: Cathedral04

Decorating in progress. You can see the pretzel-stick arches in the upper picture.

Picture: Cathedral05

A close-up overhead view of the crypt, with candy skeletons.

Picture: Cathedral06

Overhead view, showingthe interior decoration.

Picture: Cathedral07
Picture: Cathedral08

Construction and decoration of the steeple.

Picture: Cathedral09

View through the front door of a gummi bear at prayer.

Picture: Cathedral10
Picture: Cathedral11

The finished construction. The lavish decoration and pretzel-stick arches are visible. Also, as you can tell from the lighting, it is now very late. This project took a lot longer than planned, and we had to come back and finish it after dinner., Last Modifi ed 25 April 2002