Concerning Chrisber

I was born in a lab in Sweden. Due to an unfortunate accident (genetics being still a new science in the 60's) my name, which would normally be spelled 'Kristofer' or 'Kristoffer' in Swedish, was hybridized with the English name 'Christopher'. I wore the name 'Christofer' for nineteen years.

Concerning My Career

I followed in my mother's footsteps, and graduated from the California Institute of Technology, although I took a little longer than the standard four years. Here I also encountered many other persons named 'Chris' and my name evolved in common usage to 'Chrisber', by which I am often called to this day.

I had thought the name Chrisber to be reasonably unique, and it has generally proven to be so. However this is not my website, neither am I a discotheque in France. Just to be clear.

My degree in Mechanical Engineering led through convoluted paths involving the job situation in the early nineties and the sin of sloth to my working as technical support for Netcom (punishment enough for most sins), at least until I came sufficiently to my senses to get a job at Sun Microsystems as a Systems Administrator. I started out as a contractor, though, working through Taos, a contracting house in the Bay Area, until I went permanent a few months later.

My training as a mechanical engineer only comes into play once a year these days, and involves gingerbread. Although there is also some thought that my current interest in sewing clothes stems from the same root. (The mechanical engineering root, not the ginger in gingerbread.)

Concerning My Friends

Many of the friends and co-conspirators that I met at Caltech I still keep in touch with. This has something to do with 'the friends you make in college are the ones you keep for life' or something, although I seem to be keeping many of them here in the Bay Area. Between finishing my studies and receiving the piece of paper with the word 'diploma' in big curly letters on it, I discovered the online world of MUDs, where I made another collection of friends. Due to heavy cross-pollination, these two groups have more or less merged into one big horde, which continues to grow.

I am especially fond of one addition to my friends, Christy, who I dated for three years and finally married. (I will pause while the gentle readers work their way through all the Chrisber/Christyber jokes. Done? Thanks.) We bought a house, and the discussion has crept around to kids.

Concerning Travel, Voluntary and Otherwise

How did I end up in the Bay Area, I hear you ask? Well, I was callously abandoned in Santa Cruz by some of the aforementioned friends, in hopes that I'd get a life. As I did finally get a job, they were probably right to do so.

In the 1930's I travelled extensively, including visiting glaciers in Alaska.

Even more excitingly, I travelled to New Zealand in the summer (their winter) of 2000 to sail on the Endeavour Replica, a copy of the 18th century Whitby collier used by Captain Cook on his voyage across the Pacific.

Concerning Hobbies

I read. I read a lot, I read constantly, except when compared to the rest of the horde, who each read twice as fast as I do, so I'm eternally trying to keep up with their suggestions. Back in ninth grade, back when I actually read voraciously, my library teacher made the class keep a list of all the books they'd read, in hopes of getting them to read ten books through the term, or something. I've been keeping the list ever since, although the rating system went by the wayside a while back, and I stopped keeping track of the total. I also read comics, but am undecided whether to list them, too, so I haven't.

I also MUD, although not as much as I used to, given that I now have a job to support, and I am involved in Role-Playing Games, which are usually not anything like this. Like most gamers, I feel do not play nearly enough, and have run very little. I expect there is a connection there. Some of this role-playing was via email, so there is a fair amount to stuff preserved, and a lot of campaigns these days have a Web presence.

Concerning Languages

I have a fascination for languages, real or not. I remember a bit of swedish from my childhood, picked up a smattering of Italian from my relatives, took French in high school, and have flirted with, at various times, German, Japanese, Esperanto, Scots Gaelic, Cantonese, and most recently, Hebrew. I do not claim to actually be able to speak any of these, since while langauges are fascinating, I seem to lack the dedication to memorize the large quantities of vocabulary necessary to actually speak a language.

Concerning Cats

To close, I am, as you might have gathered, overly fond of commas, and am blessed or cursed, depending on the hour, with a cat., Last Modified 3 August 2003