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Selected Bibliographic Material

Books and Collections

The Myth of a Guilty Nation.New York: B.W.Huebsch, Inc., 1922
The Freeman Book.New York: B.W.Huebsch, Inc., 1924
Jefferson.New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1926
On Doing the Right Thing, and Other Essays.New York: Harper and Brothers, 1928
Francis Rabelais: The Man and His Work.New York: Harper and Brothers, 1929 (excerpts)
The Book of Journeyman: Essays from thenew Freeman. New York: Publishers of the new Freeman,Inc., 1930
The Theory of Education in the United States.New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1932
A Journey Into Rabelais's France.New York: William Morrow & Company, 1934
A Journal of These Days: June 1932-December 1933.New York: William Morrow & Company, 1934
Our Enemy, the State.New York: William Morrow & Company, 1935 (complete text: outside link)
Free Speech and Plain Language.New York: William Morrow & Company, 1937
Henry George: An Essay.New York: William Morrow & Company, 1939 (excerpts)
Memoirs of a Superfluos Man.New York: Harper and Brothers, 1943

Published Posthumously

A Journal of Forgotten Days: May 1934-October 1935.Hinsdale, Illinois: Henry Regnery Company 1948
Letters from Albert Jay Nock, 1924-1945, to Edmund C. Evans, Mrs. Edmund C. Evans, and Ellen Winsor.Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton Printers, 1949
Snoring as a Fine Art and Twelve Other Essays.Rindge, New Hampshire: Richard R. Smith, 1958
Selected Letters of Albert Jay Nock.Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton Printers, 1962
Cogitations from Albert Jay Nock.Irvington-on-Hudson, New York: The Nockian Society, 1970, revised edition, 1985
The State of the Union: Essays in Social Criticism.Indianapolis, Indiana: LibertyPress, 1991
The Disadvantages of Being Educated and Other Essays. Tampa, Florida: Hallberg Publishing Corporation, 1996

Introductions and/or Edited by Mr. Nock

Forty Years of It, by Brand Whitlock, Introduction by Albert Jay Nock. New York: D.Appleton & Company, 1914
How Diplomats Make War, by a British statesman (Francis Neilson), Introduction by Albert Jay Nock, New York: B.W.Huebsch, Inc. 1915
How Diplomats Make War, 4th ed., by Francis Neilson, New Introduction by Albert Jay Nock, New York: B.W.Huebsch, Inc. 1921
The Selected Works of Artemus Ward, by Charles Farrar Brown, Edited with an Introduction by Albert Jay Nock. New York: Albert and Charles Boni, 1924
The Urquhart-Le Motteux Translation of the Works of Francis Rabelais, 2 volumes, Edited with an Introduction by Albert Jay Nock and Catherine Rose Wilson, New York, Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1931
Meditations in Wall Street, Anonymous (Henry Stanley Haskins), Introduction by Albert Jay Nock, New York: William Morrow & Company, 1940
Man Versus the State, by Herbert Spencer, Introduction by Albert Jay Nock. Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton Printers, 1940

Selected Essays, Editorials, and Reviews

American Magazine
"Brand Whitlock" March
"Cost of Living" June
"What a Few Men Did in Pittsburgh" September
"The Things That Are Caesar's" December and monthly through July 1911
"World Scouts, A New Movement" January
"A New Science and Its Findings: Discoveries by Karl Pearson" March
"Ernst J. Lederle" August
"Earning Power of Population" November
"Ralph Whitfield Chandless" December
"Is It True?" January
"J.J.Pastoriza" January
"What We All Stand For" February
"A Puritan Heart" (pseudonym Cav. A. de Angelis) March
"Efficiency and the Highbrow" March
"E.F.Schneider" September
"Wild Bill Orr" October
"An Adventure in Education" April

American Mercury
"On Doing the Right Thing" November
"A Study in Manners" May
"Anarchist's Progress" March
"If We Must Have a Revolution" September
"Notes on a Great American" December
"New York's Jeffersonian Mayor" December (same as above?)
"The God's Lookout" June
"The Inevitable Rarely Happens" January
"The State of the Union" February, 1936, through, September, 1939)
"Progress Toward Collectivism" February
"The New Deal and Prohibition" March
"Who Will Pay the Bill" April
"Democracy & Delusion" May
"Segregation For Utopians" June
"The Politicians Take Over" July
"The Social Security Fad" August
"Keeping Our Shirts On" September
"Victory By Retreat" October
"The State Can Do No Wrong" November
"The Politician's Opinion of You" December
"Coating the Pill With Hooey" January
"Bogus Area of Good Feeling" February
"The Case For Free Speech" March
"The High Cost of Dying" April
"The Autocrat vs. The Constitution" May
"A Govermemt of Men" June
"All the Traffic Will Bear" July
"Liberals Never Learn" August
"Autopsy on the New Deal" September
"The Packing of Hugo Black" October
"The Difficulty of Thinking" November
"A New Dose of British Propaganda" December
"What the Republicans Won't Do" January
"Stealing Tammany's Stuff" February
"Taxing Production to Death" March
"When Is a Murder?" April
"Government by Racketeers" May
"Down the Rat-Hole" June
"No More Rabbits in the Hat" July
"The Amazing Liberal Mind" August
"Job-Holder's Paradise" September
"WPA—The Modern Tammany" October
"Business Dodges the Truth" November
"Wanted: Honest Radicals" December
"What Is Democracy?" January
"College Is No Place to Get an Education" February
"The Criminality of the State" March
"Culture Migrates to the U.S.A." April
"Liberalism Has Sold Out" May
"College Men and the State" June
"The Triumph of the Gadget" July
"America's Too Public Libraries" August
"Postscript on the Royal Visit" September

"About a Book or Two" July

Bookshelf: occasional reviews

Atlantic Monthly
"Motherhood and the State" August
"Peace and the Aristocrat" May
"American Education" May
"A Word to Women" November
"What Every Woman Ought to Know" March
"A Further Word to Women" November
"Thoughts from Abroad" December
"The Value of Useless Knowledge" May
"Free Speech and Plain Language" January
"Isaiah's Job" June [abridged and off-site]
"'A Little Conserva-tive'" October
"Letter from the Tropics" April
"Bright Isle" May
"Oxometer" September
"Letters from a Dutch Uncle" May
"Snoring as a Fine Art" November
"On Hearing Good Music Done Badly" July
"The Purpose of Biography" March
"In Defense of the Individual" June
"Country Bug" August
"Second Empire" January
"The Jewish Problem in America" June-July

"The Absurdity of Teaching English" April

"Should We Fight for Prohibition" March
"The West Faces the Land Question" December
"Streets" September

"Premium on Tax Lying" January 15
"Jamaica" April 10

Economic Council Revew of Books, 1934-35

EncoreNovember, 1944

Freeman, 1920-24
Volume I
"The Railways"
"In the Vein of Intimacy"
"The Recognized Irish Republic"
"The Long and Strong Pause"
"Anglo-American Relations"
"A Third Party"
"The Spirit of '76"
"Concerning Manuscripts"
"The Evils of the Soviet"
"The Old Guard's Choice"
"Labour's Example to Capital"
"The Proprieties of Pandering"
"Optimism at Atlantic City"
"Our Bad Old Alphabet"
"A Modest Demand"
"Uncle Sam, Employer"
"Mr. Howells' World"
"On Being 'Jannock'"
"Pity and Common Sense"
"Eigenlob Stinkt"
"Parturiunt Montes"
"To Whom It May Concern"
"Nascetur Ridiculus Mus"
"An Interesting Exhibit"
"Thought on a Third Pary"
"Sir Aukland Goes Astray"
"A Myth in the Making"
"The Passing of the Guilded Age"
"Thoughts on a Third Party, II"
"The Root of the Matter"
"The End of the Chapter"
"A Test of the News"
"Last Word on a New Party"
"The Politics of Robin Hood"

Volume II
"A Sporting Proposition"
"A Job for a Despot"
"The Strike Weapon"
"About It and About"
"The Critic and the Ordinary Man"
"The Critic and the Artist"
"Leaders of the Blind"
"Capital's Real Enemy"
"An Appeal to British Opinion"
"Constructive and Practical"
"The Logic of the Blue Laws"
"A Needed Political Reform"
"An Instructive Controversy"
"As Between Friends"
"Why Farming Does Not Pay"
"An Incompetent Method"
"The Way of Our Forefathers"
"Light in Dark Places"
"According to Their Lights"
"British Opinion Bestirs Itself"
"Our Pastors and Masters"
"A Study in Literary Temper"
"On the Right Scent"
"Thought, Formula and Action"
"Beyond Benefit of Tariff"
"The Hidden Springs of Carsonism"
"A Needed Inquest"
"Assembling the Best Minds"
"The Classicist's Opportunity"
"A Fiscal Object Lesson"

Volume III
"At the Feet of Gamaliel"
"The Dragon's Teeth"
"A Study in Literary Criticism"
"Toward the Economic Means"
"King Log Begins His Reign"
"The Things That Are Permanent"
"A Programme of Action"
"A Founding Father"
"A League to Enforce Ruin"
"The Gentle Art of Saving Faces"
"The Defenses of Toryism"
"Our Ignoble Silence"
"Responsibilities and Reparations"
"Who Benefits in North Dakota?"
"The Misuse of Economic Terms"
"Is Disarmament Possible?"
"The Quality of Life"
"What Will the Neighbors Say?"
"The Greater Stupidity"
"The Vanished University"
"The Pursuit of Liberty"
"Music Hath Charms—"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, I"
"Artemus Ward as Critic"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, II"
"Idle Talk"
"On Behalf of the Humanities"
"A Constructive Suggestion"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, III"
"The Case of Mr. Debs"
"Romance in the Berkshires"
"A Perinent Question"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, IV"
"History Repeating Itself"
"A Fair Field and No Favour"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, V"
"Ireland Meets Mr. Worldly Wiseman"
"Illiteracy in Hight Places"

Volume IV
"A Problem in Definition
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, VI"
"In Contempt of Court"
"A British Sphere of Influence"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, VII"
"The False Samaritans"
"The Crooks' Alias"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, VIII"
"Word of Light and Leading"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, IX"
"What the Railwaymen Might Say"
"The Three Things Needful"
"Mr. Ford's Diagnosis"
"Straws in the Wind"
"Strikes Lawful and Unlawful"
"Joseph the Interpreter"
"Roseate Hughes of Early Dawn"
"War and the Good Life"
"Myth of a Guilty Nation, X"
"Once Bitten, Twice Shy"
"Scraps of Paper at Washington"
"The Divinity of Office Holders"
"The Only Basis of Unity"
"The Blessed Boll Weevil"
"Thus Endeth Another Lesson"
"The Vagaries of Statesmanship"
"Betrayed Again"
"What Ireland Might Do"
"Pearls Before Swine"
"France Opens the Window"
"Near the End of the Thether"
"Confusion Worse Confounded"
"A Revolution in the Making"
"Honour Where Honour is Due"
"The Quality of the Master"
"Mr. Punch, Historian"
"Genoa or Phillippi"
"Much Ado About Nothing"

Volume V
"The Leadership of Ideas"
"Thought on Imperialism"
"A Few Facts for Editors"
"So Shall Ye Reap"
"I Saltimbanchi"
"Ishmael & Ishmael, Inc."
"What of the Night"
"Principle or Opportunism?"
"Underestimating the Enemy"
"Boring from Within"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"A Hairbreadth Escape"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"U.S.A., Bootlegger"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"A Herring on the Trail"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Counsels of Perfection"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"A Hopeful Sign"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Virtue Is Its Own Reward"
"A Bill of Particulars"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Holding the Bag"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Who Are the Anarchists?"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"The Liberal's Rabbinism"
"The Fragrant Diplomat"
"Reviewer's Notebook"

Volume VI
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"The Freedom of the Seize"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Shadow and Substance"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"A Time to Think"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Between Drinks"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Write to Your Congressman"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"Reviewer's Notebook"
"A Hair of the Dog"
"The Case of the 'Lusitania'"
"Supra Crepidam"
"A Charter of Loot"
"An Humble Inquiry"
"The Weapon of the Strong"
"A Word for the Militarist"
"Ten Poems from the Greek Anthology"
"A Plea to Women"
"Prophecy and Fulfillment"
"Shooting Forbidden"
"An Easy Problem"

Volume VII
"Plenty of Money You Got It"
"Fountains of Joy"
"A Peremptory Challenge"
"The 'Wisconsin Idea'"
"The State, I"
"The State, II"
"The State, III"
"The State, IV"
"A Misplaced Man"
"The State, V"
"The State, VI"
"Mr. Baldwin's Foreign Policy"
"Mr. Baldwin's Note"
"Our Duty Towards Europe"
"In Memoriam, W.G.H."
"New-Old Liberal Doctrine"
"At Last—Why Not Before?"
"Marking Time"
"A Fair Request"
"A Root of Bitterness"

Volume VIII
"Pointing a Moral
"Polycarp's Judges"
"A Study in Politics"
"Why Farming Does Not Pay"
"An Undesirable Alien"
"An Interesting Possibility"
"Pagan to Christian"
"The Free Trade League"
"Justice First"
"Again the Conference"
"M. Poincare's Position"
"The Only Way to Intervene"
"Lawless Authority"
"What is a Moral Issue?"
"Does Experience Teach?"
"Lo and His Lands"
"In Behalf of Religion"
"'There Is No Place to Move'"
"Fact and Fancy"
"Religion at St. Mark's"
"A Vain Contention"
"An Honourable Appeal"
"An Open Letter"
"Morals of the Market Place"

"The Decline of Conversation" May
"Notes of an Emigre" July
"Towards a New Quality Product" July
"Postmarked Dresden" August
"Fits Across the Sea" February
"An American Tourist in Europe" May
"On Making Low People Interesting" September
"The King's Jester: Modern Style" March
" Peace by Incantation: A Stuyd in International Folly" May
"The Future of America: A Cultural Forecast" June
"Mr. Smith and Mr. Smyth" May
"Alas, Poor Yorick!" June
"Officialism and Lawlessness" December
"On the Practice of Smoking in Church" February
"Our American Upperclass" January
"The Path to the River" July
"The Disadvantages of Being Educated" September
"Are All Men Human?" January

Menorah Journal
"More Scraps of Paper" February

"Alarming Coal Situation" August 3
"What American Labor Does Not See" August 24
"Idle Waterways" October 5
"The End and the Means" March 22
"An Exhausted Virtue" June 14

New Freeman
"Literature of Escape" February
"Criticism's Proper Field" April 5
"Study in Paradoxes" April 5
"Earning Immortality" August
"One's Own Smoke" October 1
"Sinclair Lewis" December 3

New Republic
"As Simple as That" January 13

New York Evening Post
"Democracy Here and Abroud" January 30

North American Review
"Prohibition in Kansas" August
"Prohibition and Civiization" September

"Railways and the People" May 2
"Socialism in Milwaukee" July 11

Review of Reviews
"Divorce Market" November

Saturday Review of Literature
"Mr. Thomas Jefferson" January 11
"If Not, Then Not" May 24
"Lincoln Steffens" May 9
"One of the Immortals" May 23

School Review
"The Value to the Clergyman of Training in the Classics" June

Scribner's Commentatorand Scribner's
"European Morals and Our Own" October
"Life, Liberty, And..." Scribner's March
"Unfinished Victory" April
"Union Now" May
"Out of the Night" June
"Churchmen and the War" July
"Toward Freedom" August
"Getting Us into War" September
"Prophet at Home" October
"You Can't Do Business with Hitler" November
"Review of National Socialism" December

Virginia Quarterly Review
"The Return of the Patriots" April
"What Are Elections For?" January


"Rabelais and the Pantagrueline Spirit" delivered to the Faculty of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, on October 28, 1932 on the four hundredth anniversary of the publication of Rabelais's Pantagruel

Secondary Sources

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