Fulton's CV

Christopher R. Kankel

1825 T St. #304
Washington DC 20009
phone: +
email: ckank@alumni.caltech.edu

M.S., Chemistry
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
June 2001
B.A., Chemistry (Honors)
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
June 1993

Web Development
The Guardian Played the role of sitebuilder in a team of web designers who created the award-winning site for The Guardian newspaper in London using Storyserver (HTML, Tcl, SQL).
Lila's Lair Created a site for a science journalist using HTML, Perl, and JavaScript.
Editorial Cartoon Corral Created a site for the International Society of Psychohistory using HTML and Perl. Contains a collection of political cartoons that automatically update daily.
Digital Archive of Psychohistory: Cartoons and Images Created a site containing archives of links to editorial cartoons. There are approaching 20,000 links! (temporarily out of service)
Introducing Albert J. Nock Created a site for the Nockian Society dedicated to the work of Albert J. Nock, an American cultural critic and man of letters.
Foundations of Chemistry Created a site for the new philosophy of chemistry journal, Foundations of Chemistry, whose editors wished to announce and publicize it online.
Yale Department of Biology Helped the webmaster create the site for the Yale Biology Department.
Fulton's Other Lair Created a site containing course assignments for use by postgraduate students.
Fulton's Lair: A homepage

Research Experience
Graduate Research Assistant (Caltech) January 1994 to February 1998
Performed quantum mechanical computations to investigate ring-opening methathesis polymerization catalysis.
Advisor: William A. Goddard, III
Undergraduate Research Assistant (Northwestern University) June 1992 to Jul 1993
Investigated the kinetic effects of an intramolecular electron-transfer process in the presence of various molecules, ions, and solvents.
Advisor: Joseph T. Hupp
Undergraduate Research Assistant (Yale University): June to September 1991
Optimizated the growth and cryogenic storage conditions of synechococcus bacteria. Also optimized subsequent harvest and isolation of photosystem II and investigated its electron-transfer properties.
Advisor: Gary W. Brudvig
Undergraduate Research Assistant (Yale University): June to September 1990
Maintained stocks of fruit flies, sexed the flies, culled virgins, and stained larval nervous systems.
Advisor: Karen Stark
Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant (Caltech): September to December 1995 and 1996
Physical Chemistry
Held weekly review and discussion sessions, created and marked assignments and exams, and occasionally lectured to postgraduate students. Made assignments available over the internet — a first ever for the course.
Lecturer: William Goddard, III
Lecturer (Hyperlearning): June 1995 to August 1995
Organic Chemistry
Prepared and delivered lectures weekly in organic chemistry to students preparing for entrance examinations into medical school. Privately tutored a number of students.
Teaching Assistant (Caltech): September 1993 to March 1994
Organic and Inorganic Synthesis Lab
Taught and assisted undergraduates in synthetic, separatory, and analytical techniques in organic and inorganic chemistry. Held weekly review sessions and evaluated laboratory and writing skills.
Laboratory Co-ordinator: Jane Raymond
Awards and Honors
Special Insitute Fellowship (Caltech, 1993-1994)
Phi Beta Kappa, alpha chapter (1993)
R.K.Summerbell Memorial Fund Award (Northwestern Dept. of Chemistry, 1993)
Ogrillon. Wrote, edited, and published a four-volume quarterly 'zine dedicated to political commentary, movie reviews, art, and more. Distributed to friends, family, and a number of subscribers from Autumn 1994 to Summer 1995.
Zhang, X.L.; Kankel, C.R.; Hupp, J.T. "Solvent Effects on the Efficacy of Recognition of Amminemetal Complexes by Macrocyclic Ethers: in situ Probes of Extent of Encapsulation," Inorganic Chemistry, Vol 33 (21): 4738-4743, 1994.
Albert J. Nock Our Enemy, the State. Compiled quotation and subject indices. Hallberg Publishing Corp., 1994.
"Mechanistic Studies of Ru-based Olefin Metathesis Catalysis: Recent Advances and Setbacks," delivered to the California Catalysis Society, Summer 1997.
"A Proposed Mechanism for the Grubbs Olefin Metathesis Catalyst," delivered to the industrial sponsors of the Materials Simulation Center at Caltech, Spring 1997.
Additional IT Skills and Experiences
Proficient in MacOS and UNIX operating systems and familiar with Next and Windows. Comfortable with HTML, Perl and SQL. Experience with HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Tcl, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, LaTex, and various other software packaging including word processing, spread sheet, desktop publishing, and graphics applications (Adobe Photoshop).