image of NablaNabla. From a similar joke over 60 years ago.


In the late 1990's as a joke I spent a few minutes with xfig to create a crude sketch of a DOE contractor's badge and put a picture of my daughter's dog Lumi on it. The sketch is obvious satire, makes no explicit reference to any government agency or contractor, and could be drawn by any child with a computer drawing program. Now, more than 5 years later, I receive the threat below to remove the image from the web or have the case reported to the FBI. This request is highly improper. For me to comply would set a dangerous precident as the image is not on a computer controlled by the federal government.

Subject: Badge image on Caltech Web Site
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 06:45:37 -0400
From: xxx
To: "Creutz, Michael" 
Cc: xxx, xxx

Dear Dr. Creutz,

                    I have been forwarding  to xxx complaints
from BNL security folks concerning your posting a likeness of the BNL
site badge and the "Q" badge(on your dog) on the Cal Tech Web site. I
had hoped xxx could get you to  remove it so that  the issue would
go no further. Apparently you have not fixed the problem.

            I have attached for your information  an excerpt from the
regulations on credentials . This is the  basis of the concerns  of  our
security staff.

They are preparing  to now forward the issue to the FBI who will then
follow up with you.

               I am  making one last plea for you to cooperate and
remove all images of the badge(s) from the  WEB so that that I can tell
them you have  complied and they do not have to bring in the FBI.

                     On a personal note I want to point out that this
issue has cost both xxx and myself considerable time which we can
not afford. I would rather be doing something else than writing this

                              Please cooperate so we can go back to work
and this does not become a major problem for you and BNL.


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Building 460

P.O.Box 5000

Upton, NY 11973-5000

Phone xxx