Garland and Minnie Adkins, 1996

Born 1928 , Died 1998 (Garland), Born 1934 (Minnie)
Live in Isonville, Kentucky

Minnie and Garland Adkins have carried on the great tradition of Kentucky wood carvers. They spent years cultivating their own talents as well as encouraging their neighbors to create, resulting in a strong local community of artists. Garland passed away in 1998 after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was a wonderfully nice man and is missed to this day.
Minnie's "Peaceful Valley" farm in Isonville is a treat to visit. The grounds are filled with whimsical constructions, including Minnie's "Flower Bed" (a garden made from an old bedframe). Garland predominantly carved horses and roosters, while Minnie carves a whole menagerie of animals, paints scenes of similar animals and creates quilts as well.
Possum with babies

After a long difficult period, word is that Minnie has bounced back. She has remarried, and her new husband is from Ohio, and they spend time back and forth between their two homes. Minnie has continuted to create art, and I see more and more of her pieces available. Minnie's new husband is also an artist, working mostly with metal.

If you do go visit Minnie (and I recommend it strongly, as she's a tremendously nice and is really the hub of Kentucky folk art) be sure to call a few weeks in advance. It takes Minnie a while to do each piece, so if there's something you'd like to get, make sure she knows and has time to work on it. When you do go, you'll not only see Minnie's work, but work by many of her neighbors as well.

Minnie Adkins with her dog Smokey



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