Annie Tolliver with grandson Isaac. Note painting of Annie and Isaac on wall to her right.

Born 1950
Lives Montgomery, Alabama

Annie Tolliver is the daughter of Mose Tolliver, and like most of his children, she used to paint works that he would sign and sell as his own. With Mose's permission, Annie branched out on her own and began claiming credit for her work, developing her own style, rather than copying her father. While there are some superficial similarities between their work, Annie works with a much brighter palette of colors and a wide variety of subjects.
"Adam And Eve"
Every time Annie finishes a painting, she throws it on the floor and takes a look at it. Many of her paintings feature memories from her life, but she also paints many wilder subjects, from "Voodoo Men" to Biblical stories. Like Mose, she's easy to visit, and will sell works from her own home.

Since Mose has stopped painting, you can often find Annie at Mose's house, caring for him. She's started bringing some of her own paintings over there for sale too.

"Dry Bones Charlie" (Annie's version of an X-ray Man, probably inspired by Mose's own similar paintings)
"Daniel Dreaming About the 4 Beasts"

"Blue Dancing Dog"


Big Al Taplet
Mose Tolliver