Garland and Minnie Adkins
Ab The Flagman
Leroy Almon Hope Atkinson
tommy cheng
benny carter
Jessie and Ronald Cooper
Benny Carter
Richard Burnside Tommy Cheng
bertha halozan
Howard Finster
Theresa Gloster Bertha Halozan Nick Herrera

Willie Jinks
Gregory J. Kowalewski
James Harold Jennings
Levent Isik
Sam McMillan
Woodie Long Charlie Lucas Jake T. McCord
RA Miller
Jack Poppitz
Braxton Ponder
BF Perkins

Vollis Simpson
Bernice Sims
Missionary Mary Proctor
Buddy Snipes
Jimmie Lee Sudduth Big Al Taplet
Annie Tolliver
Peter Spivak
Ruby Williams
Myrtice West
Hubert Walters
Mose Tolliver



Ab The Flagman