Benny Carter in his studio

B. 1943
Lives Mayodan, NC

Benny Carter is best known for his intricate paintings, particularly those of New York City. He also builds birdhouses and dabbles in any other medium that strikes his interest.

"The Center of the Universe"

One of the great things about Benny's work is that he paints because he loves painting, not because he can make money from doing it. Benny won't sell all of the work he creates (many paintings go into his wife Teresa's "private collection"). One look at Benny's work should tell you why. He puts a great deal of effort into every single painting whether big or small. Each painting takes several weeks of work (contrast that with other well known artists who can crank out 10-20 paintings in a single night). I've owned the large New York painting above ("The Center of the Universe") for a few years now, and I'm still finding new details all the time.
Benny knows and collects works by many of the local North Carolina artists. He's been a great resource for me, introducing me to the works of many people, and taking me to see local art environments (including Charles Simmons, Arbon Lane and others).
"The Garden"

"Little New York" (Benny did many of these tiny paintings years ago, but they're hard to find these days--the intricate brushwork was just as demanding as the larger paintings and they often took more time to complete)


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