"Vision of Worlds To Come" by Howard Finster


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On the following pages, you'll find artists who, for me, exemplify creation in its purest form. They have had no formal art training and have been called "Outsiders", as they come from outside of the formal art world. Most began creating with no real intention of selling their art, or becoming famous. Mose Tolliver used to hang his paintings in a tree outside of his house, and if a passerby expressed interest, he'd trade one for a bag of rice, or coffee. Even if no one had ever discovered them, they'd continue to create, merely for the joy of creating. The art is raw, perhaps primitive. Yet emotionally, I find it conveys as much, if not more than the work of the world's most sophisticated artists.The work is also accessible on financial terms. As someone on a limited budget, buying a piece of "Fine Art" is way beyond my means. This art, which touches a deep emotional nerve in me, is easily attainable, and at prices anyone can afford.

The work created by these artists is accessible to all. You don't need to have studied art history, or know the vagaries of the current art world to understand their message. Better yet, most of these artists are still living and creating. For me, meeting the artists and hearing their stories is as interesting and valuable as the art itself. Most of what you'll find here comes from several meandering trips through the deep South.

Every artist listed here has an amazing story to tell. Hopefully, through these pages, I can convey some of the pleasure I've found learning about the art, and going to see the artists. Below, you'll find information on individual artists and sources of information on Self-Taught Folk Art.

Outside of Jimmie Lee Sudduth's old house in 1995

These artists can be found all over the world, and there are probably a couple in your home town. If you have any questions, or want further info on any artists and how to go see them, feel free to send me some e-mail. My hope is that these pages can serve as a sourcebook for collectors, and that through them, I can build a network of collectors willing to share information on locating artists. I haven't been actively visiting artists for a few years, so my info may be out of date, but I'll help where I can. You can reach me at here.

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