Theresa Gloster

Lives Lenoir, North Carolina

When I first met her in 2000, Theresa had only been painting for about a year and a half, and I can't wait to get back to North Carolina to see where her art has taken her.

She says she prayed to God, asking him to give her something. That night, she turned on the television and saw a program about Sam McMillan. Her immediate thought was, "I could do that!" She quickly got in touch with Sam and went to Winston-Salem to meet him.

"My Family Washing Our Hair Outside"

When Theresa met Sam, she knew she wanted to paint, but wasn't sure what she should paint. Sam very wisely advised her, "paint what you know." And so Theresa began putting her memories down in paint. Relatives, neighbors, stories from her childhood all appeared as she quickly took on the role of a memory painter.

When I met her, Theresa was still working as a beautician, but dreaming of a day when she could support herself by painting full time. Has this happened? Have you been to visit Theresa recently? Let me know, send along an e-mail.

"Plowing" (one of Theresa's earliest paintings)


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