Bertha Halozan

Lives New York City

Born in Austria, Bertha Halozan came to America in 1956. She gave up her career as a singer because, as she puts it "I got a lot of publicity, but very little money." Recovering from an illness, she began to paint. Her subjects include the Statue of Liberty and "village" scenes that remind one of her native Austria. I've asked Bertha if these scenes show any particular place and she says no, she just makes them up.

Sometimes if the weather is nice, you can find Bertha painting outside in New York City, often around the base of Central Park, sometimes on 51st Street.

"Statue Of Liberty"

Bertha frames her own paintings and always covers the back with copies of newspaper articles about herself. She says she wants whoever gets the painting to know something about the artist. She usually includes a photo of one of her large masterpieces as well.
Village Scene

bertha halozan statue of liberty

A visit with Bertha is a time for lively conversation. She has many strong opinions and, like most New Yorkers, she's happy to share them with you. When I visited,she did her best to convince me not to take the subway home because she felt it wasn't safe.

On the walls of the hotel room where she lives, Bertha has some amazing masterpieces (a few shown here). These bigger paintings are not for sale, and she intends to donate them to the Museum of American Folk Art. One fun thing to note is that on her paintings, she puts the date of the Statue of Liberty (10-1889) as well as the dates from when she was working on the individual piece. If you look at some of her bigger works here, you'll see that she's been working on the larger paintings for nearly 20 years, still adjusting them to get them just right.


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