Hope Atkinson with Ab the Flagman

b. 1946
Lives Cornucopia, WI

Hope is one of the most amazing people I've ever met.

After growing up in a foster home, Hope worked for years for the Merchant Marines, on fishing boats on the Great Lakes. Eventually, she was able to afford her own boat, but suffered a terrible accident while working the lake. During her recovery, she became more and more isolated. Out of loneliness, she began creating "friends" from papier mache, to give her, as she puts it "someone to talk to". Much of her early works show episodes from her life, and she created several displays for the children's department at the local library (the Rabbit and Mad Hatter from "Alice In Wonderland" on this page are an example).

"Fishers of Men"
Hope's work has grown in leaps and bounds from then, driven by a deep interest in spiritual matters and a desire to find peace with her own faith. Though her best known works are probably her papier mache beggars (featured in RAYGUN Magazine, Issue 45, April 1997) she also paints with growing confidence. She builds a wide variety of objects, from story-scrolls to music boxes to puppets. Many of her works feature "The Three Fools", characters she uses to represent herself and her quest for knowledge. Hope is an artist you have to meet to really appreciate. She's a warm and friendly person who is completely fascinated with the world around her.
"Rabbit and Mad Hatter"

"Self-Portrait in New York"


Story Scroll Box ("A Parable That Buddha Told")


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