Willie Jinks, The Hobby Man

Lives Atlanta, GA

Since I last visited Willie several years ago, I'm told he's moved away from his artwork filled house to a small apartment in Atlanta, and he is no longer creating art. Which is a shame, and it points out the very fragile nature of this kind of art. What once seemed an endless supply of works has now turned into a very brief period of creation. Go see these artists while you still can!

Willie would pretty much paint on anything. His house and yard were filled with a wide variety of painted doors, tables, and anything else you can think of.
Many pieces feature a character he calls "Hoperman", pronounced "Hopper Man" which I'm told is meant to be "Hobby Man". He said that "Hoperman is nothin' but trouble, runnin' around with his big old cigar."

I assumed when I met him that Hoperman is kind of an autobiographical figure for Willie as he answered his phone by saying, "Hoperman".

"Bres Jone (Brother John)"
"Hoper Kose Stop Fillne (Hobbyman and His Cousin--Stop Foolin')"
The story I've heard is that Willie started painting when he retired, and often sees his painting as a service he provides from his "Hobby Shop", which would make him the "Hobby Man".
"Cat Fish"
"Bull Dog"


Gregory J. Kowalewski
James Harold Jennings