Gregory J. Kowalewski

Gregory Kowalewski

Born 1954
Lives New Orleans, LA

Gregory Kowalewski was born in Louisiana, and he's got that great Cajun accent to prove it. He worked for years in construction, and at some point moved to New Mexico to help his wife (now divorced) get her start as an artist. While his wife was struggling to create, Gregory began to make his own art, cutting up spare pieces of tin from his appliance repair work. Her art never really came together, but when Gregory returned to New Orleans, he showed his work to a few art dealers. They loved it, and it began to sell. He's now a star of the New Orleans folk art world.
"Bayou Scene"
I spent a summer afternoon with Gregory in his Upper Garden District house. He's very friendly, and is more than happy to sit down and share a beer with fans of his art.

Aside from the tin cut-out works, Gregory makes a variety of pieces out of just about anything he can find.

Golfing piece made for a relative

He's got a wicked sense of humor, and told me about a piece that he was commissioned to make, of a husband and wife riding their bikes. The couple decided they wouldn't buy the completed piece because the wife felt her thighs looked too big. Gregory took this in stride, added a man with a gun to the piece, shooting holes in the couple, and sold it off to someone else.
Gregory's work tends to sell as fast as he can make it so it's probably a good idea to call him in advance and make sure he's got some art when you go visit.


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