Here's a list of folk art resources on the net that I've found useful. If you want me to add your page, e-mail me (although given the speed with which I update, it may take a while). Many of these pages have much more extensive links than I have here. Though I don't vouch for any of them, I hope you find them useful:

"Avon Lady" and "Diane the Waitress" by the late Karl McKenzie from Kentucky


Folk Art Society of America: Information and the Society's newsletter, the Folk Art Messenger.

In'tuit: A very extensive page covering a wide variety of folk artists. Also a source for more links.

Interesting Ideas: Another extensive page of links, worth checking out.

Raw Vision: Home page for a magazine devoted to Outsider Art.

Florida Folk: Nice page featuring many Florida artists

Kentucky Folk Art Center: Home page of the museum located in Morehead, Kentucky. Always an interesting place to visit.

"The Family Shame" by Jay Schuette
"Angel Dog" by Roy Minshew


Marcia Weber / Art Objects: In my opinion, Marcia is the best dealer in the business. Check her web page for plenty of great artist photos, and lots of biographical information. If her page looks like this one, it's because I put it together for her.

The Mayor's Office: As seen on these pages, The Mayor's Office now has its own website. Learn about artists like Buddy Snipes, John Henry Toney and Butch Anthony, and buy their works.

Grey Carter Objects of Art: Grey is THE source for works by Jack Savitsky, and his gallery also carries work by many other artists.

Black Sheep Gallery: nice page showing works by artists from Nova Scotia.

America Oh Yes: Nice gallery page, tons of art.

Primitive Kool Art: excellent gallery carrying works by many of the artists you'll find on these pages. One of the few galleries in Southern California, these folks are carrying on the work started by Martine Parmentier.

Ginger Young Gallery: Site for a North Carolina art dealer.

Yarddog Gallery: A folk art gallery from Austin TX with info on artists and works for sale on line. Folk art, outsider art, antiques and Americana. A gallery that has tramp art, carvings, paintings, quilts and lots more.

Ghost Dog Gallery: gallery carrying work by a nice variety of folk artists.

Garde-Rail Gallery: A Seattle based gallery with lots of work by Southern artists. Lots of pictures and stories.

Visionary Art: a gallery page with some nice photos of Jimmie Sudduth, Mose Tolliver, and more. Plus a nice update on this year's Kentuck Festival.

The Folk Art Gallery: Folk art from around the world.

Hustontown Internet Gallery: Folk art gallery featuring many artists.

At Home Gallery: Mike Smith's North Carolina gallery's home on the internet. Lots of great stuff here.

Mark F. Moran Antiques: Mark deals in more traditional Folk Art and antiques. His listings include a wide variety of Americana, Folk Art, Toys and more, with prices starting at just $1.

Art Search Net: Home page selling and displaying works by several artists including Reg K. Gee.

La Fuente Imports: They carry folk art, furniture, and home accessories from Mexico.

Folkyart: Gallery featuring works by Jimmie Sudduth, Jack Poppitz and other favorites.

"Farm Scene" painted on a turtle shell by Georgia's Bennie Morrison
"Juanita" by Lila Graves from Alabama. She tells me Juanita is the pet goat she had as a child.


Jack Folk Art: Home page for James "Jack" Poppitz.

Sybil Gibson: A wonderful site dedicated to the great artist, put together by her daughter.

Vollis Simpson: An absolutely wonderful page devoted to Vollis, with tons of great photos and movies of his whirligigs and windmills in action.

Stephen Edwards: Home page of a self-taught wood carver.

Southern Heart Gallery: Gallery page from self-taught artist Barbara Thibodeaux.

Siscilly Ketcher Lederman: home page for a self-taught artist.

PacSurreal: Home page for self-taught artist Karl Franklin.

Tricia Stanton: home page for self-taught artist.

davidkremers: a fascinating artist, using the techniques and concepts of cutting edge biology to create art.

"Red Fox" by Joe Louis Light
Portrait by the late Sybil Gibson (1972)


Y'all: Not really a folk art site, but instead a celebration of Southern culture, one that's not afraid to get trashy.

The Gorilla Foundation: This is the homepage for Koko, the gorilla who knows sign language. On the site, you can see some paintings that Koko and her gorilla friends have done. They're pretty incredible (I particularly like Michael's painting of his dog). They're currently trying to raise money to set up a gorilla reserve in Hawaii, so by all means, check it out and donate.

Belize's Mayan Website: a page originating from the Mayan village of San Antonio in the Cayo District of Belize, presenting a glimpse of the modern day Maya people.

And as a bonus for making it all the way to the end, here are some works by the late Fred Webster, a woodcarver from Berry, Alabama. Fred was a very sweet man, but a little deaf, so you'd end up knocking on his door for half an hour before he'd realize you were there.
"Peter Denying Christ"
Fred Webster
"Jonah and the Whale"
"What Am I?"
"Spot you are a good dog for o'possums"


That's it! Hope you enjoyed the pages, be sure to come back soon.
Ruby Williams