Jake McCord, on his porch

Lives Thomson, Georgia

Jake McCord is a man of few words. Most questions he answers with a "Yep" in his deep Southern drawl. He nails his paintings to the front of his house which serves as his "art gallery".
Jake says his art career began as a result of buying a used car. He didn't get a key to the trunk with the car, and it took him weeks of working at the lock with a screwdriver to get it open. In the trunk, he found a board on which someone had attempted a painting.

Jake knew he could do better, so he took the board out and painted his own picture over it. The rest is history.

"Two Spotted Cats"

My favorites are his brightly colored paintings of animals. He paints his own versions of advertisements (Marlboro and Coca Cola seem to be favorites), and when I visited, he had done a series of yellow people, probably heavily influenced by one of Jake's favorite tv programs, "The Simpsons".


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