Born 1926
Lives Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Sam McMillan

Sam the artist says that he'll paint anything. If you don't believe him, go visit his store/art gallery in Winston-Salem, and you'll see for yourself. Outside the store, you'll see Sam's van, covered with his brightly colored paintings of animals.
"Self Portrait on Cow That Jumped Over The Moon"
Inside you'll find everything from furniture to clothing to salt shakers to saw blades painted by Sam.

Sam is an engaging story teller, and one of the nicest men you'll ever meet. He's become a real hub for the North Carolina folk art world. He's helped many artists get their start (see Theresa Gloster) and he does what he can to help other artists. When you go see him, he can set you up with many North Carolina artists.

Sam will paint any object you bring him (he'll also sell you art over the phone and ship it out to you). Make sure you call first before stopping by the store, as he tends to keep kind of random hours (701 Northwest Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 (334) 724-1597).

Sam was recently featured on the PBS show "The Good Life", in a half hour program telling his story.

"Statue of Liberty"


Sam McMillan, Me, and Benny Carter in Sam's Store


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