Updated 07/10/06, wow, that was a quick year and then some. Hey, I was busy, I got married. Had a recent visit with Levent Isik, and have added some new works from Howard Finster, Mose Tolliver, Ronald and Jessie Cooper, and James Harold Jennings. And for fun, here's a couple of paintings by Alabama artist Michael Banks:

"Unfold" by Michael Banks

"I See You" by Michael Banks

Updated 11/14/04, finally. Sorry it's been so long. Since I last worked on these pages, I've changed jobs, changed coasts, helped write a textbook, bought a house, etc. So I've been busy, and haven't had as much time to devote to following the art world (or web page maintenance) as I'd like. Lots of new artworks scattered throughout the pages here, so dig around. I've updated artist information where I could, and sadly many of the artists featured here have passed away or stopped creating art. If you're more up to date on any of them, please let me know.