Braxton Ponder

Born 1915
Died 2001
Lives Nauvoo, Alabama

Braxton Ponder didn't start carving wood until he was 70 years old. His brother sent him a carving, and Braxton figured he could do that as well. It soon became a full time career.

Braxton spent most of his life traveling the world with the military. He later settled down and ran a country grocery store with his wife. After retiring, the couple turned the store into their home. Braxton passed away in 2001.


"Noah's Ark"

Braxton carved out his works with a pocket knife. His wife bought him a fancier set of carving tools, but he preferred to work with the trusty knife he'd grown used to. . He created a variety of Biblical scenes, lots of animals, and various cowboys, Indians, and farmers.
"The Last Supper"
Xmas Tree Ornaments



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