Born 1957
Lives Denver, CO

I still haven't had a chance to meet Jack in person, but I love his work and can tell you what I've learned about him over the phone. He lives in Denver with his wife Kristine, and is best known for his Flags and his paintings of musicians, particularly Blues singers and Country and Western stars. After a long conversation about music he came up with some great paintings of some of my personal favorites, including Johnny Cash and Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

"Johnny Cash"

Jack's life history, from his website www.jackfolkart.com:

JACK Poppitz was born in Rolla, Missouri on November 27, 1957 (Jimi Hendrix's birthday). All of his relatives are German Lutheran farmers from Perry County, Mo. Grew up in New Jersey. He has 3 brothers, regular childhood. Met his spirit guide (a crow he had as a pet) when he was 8. Did his first serious painting when he skipped the last day of 6th grade. Got in trouble a lot in high school ( we called it get high school). Saw a lot of good art in New York. Traveled all over in his van (left home the day after high school). Lived in Memphis, worked oil in Louisiana. Made signs, all kinds of art and building projects all over the country for over 20 years.

"I have lived over 16,000 days. I ain't dead yet."

JACK, "Denver's own. 45 years old and still kickin." All purpose Artist/Carpenter, Folk Laureate. "I will make anything for anyone, anytime ( If I'm in the mood ). Don't be Stupid, Buy American, Buy JACKFolkArt."

One note when buying work by Jack: his ex-wife was for a while making Flags similar to those made by Jack, and signing his name to them. If you're going to buy a Flag, make sure it's the real deal, either by getting it directly from Jack, or by making sure the dealer you're buying from has purchased it from him, not his ex-wife.

"Screamin' Jay Hawkins"
"Louis Armstrong"

Professor Long Hair

James "Jack" Poppitz (photos of Jack courtesy of Kristine Poppitz).


Missionary Mary Proctor
Braxton Ponder