Ruby C. Williams at her produce stand

Lives Near Tampa, Florida

As you drive along State Road 60 in Hillsborough County in Florida you'll see a lot of stands selling fresh produce. One such stand, however, is sure to catch your eye. There you'll find Ruby Williams, and wall after wall covered with her creations.
Although she always loved to paint, her first works that caught anyone's notice were signs designed to draw more customers into the produce stand. The signs her family had put up were drab, and she figured that more colorful and interesting signs would work better. Enough people were pulled in by her signs, and with their encouragement, she began to paint more and more.
"Hey This Is My Life"

Most of her work is of a religious nature, telling stories from the Bible, or from her (or her family's) life. Most have a moral lesson behind them, or commemorate a specific event.
My personal favorites are Ruby's paintings that have a little more "attitude" behind them. The two that came home with me are entitled "Tired of Being the Good Guy" and "Hey, This is My Life". Both are reactions to people trying to tell her what to paint and how she should handle being an artist. She figured that if she put her feelings down in paintings, people could read them for themselves and she wouldn't have to be rude to anyone.

Ruby is very proud of being an artist, and is very aware of her position in the art world. She'll show you all of her clippings, and tell you all about her many art shows.

Oh, and as for the signs about not taking pictures, just be sure to ask permission first, and don't take a million pictures of everything and Ruby will be glad to pose for you.

"Tired of Being the Good Guy" Alligator


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