Buddy Snipes (photo courtesy of Frank Turner)

Born 1944
Lives Pittsview, Alabama

I didn't get a chance to meet Buddy on my way through Pittsview (just on the border between AL and GA, near Columbus), but I did get a chance to hear about him and see a lot of his work. Buddy is kind of reclusive, and doesn't like to have people out to his house. He sells his work through Frank Turner, who calls himself "The Mayor Of Pittsview". Since Buddy doesn't have a phone, it's best to call Frank in advance, and he can try to arrange to have Buddy come by when you visit. Also, The Mayor now has a website you can visit.
"C.J. Bennett (He was a farmer)"
Buddy paints and builds sculptures, as well as putting together everything from furniture to wheelbarrows. Personally, I loved his paintings, many done on pieces of roofing tin. Buddy makes a custom frame for each painting out of twigs. His work reminds me a little of Mary T. Smith's, but with an almost Caribbean flair in his use of color. Buddy recently had a show of his work at the Wiregrass Museum in Dothan, AL, and many of the pieces you see here were included in that show.
"Two Families, One House (Brown Tucker's House)"

If you do go to Pittsview, The Mayor can also introduce you to artists John Henry Toney and Butch Anthony.

"Potbelly's Mama"


"Dot and Her Brother"


Bernice Sims
Peter Spivak