Hubert Walters with me

Born 1931
Lives Troutman, NC

Hubert Walters moved from Jamaica to New York City in the early 1970's. He began painting and building small boats that reminded him of the boats he used to fish on in Jamaica. He later relocated to Troutman, NC where he lives today. He still builds boats, and has expanded his repertoire to include people, animals, grandfather clocks, buildings and more. Most of the work is built out of wood and bondo (body putty used in auto repairs).
Most are painted black and white, with touches of red and orange. He makes some great pieces that are HUGE, way too big for someone like me to take home on an airplane. He does make some smaller boats, as well as his "half-people" which you can carry off (though since they're made of bondo--similar to cement, they're still pretty heavy).
"Miss Love"


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