Myrtice West

Born September 14, 1923
Lives Centre, AL

Many of the artists found on these pages began painting after facing personal tragedies. The creation of art was a distraction, and an outlet. Myrtice West is no exception. For years, she and her husband had wanted a child, but doctors told her she wasn't capable. Their prayers were answered, however, and a daughter was born. Sadly, as a young adult, Myrtice's daughter was brutally murdered.
"Adam And Eve" (note Cain down at the bottom. According to Myrtice "He thinks he's got the devil by the tail!"
As a way to take her mind off her sorrow, Myrtice turned to painting. She felt that the Lord had given her a gift, and that he wanted her to paint his messages. Her first set of paintings, illustrating the Book of Revelations, took her many years. Since then she's moved on, illustrating other books of the Bible. She studies each chapter intensely until she's figured it out, and then proceeds to create epic canvases detailed with specific verses.
"How Big Is The Hands of God?"

Her huge canvases can be stared at for hours, and she's happy to take you through each one, showing you the story and the lessons found in each chapter. Myrtice also does non-religious paintings, often portraits, but from talking to her it seems like her heart is really in the religious work.

"Patriotic Birdhouse"

Two of Myrtice's Biblical paintings, the top illustrating "Genesis" and the bottom is part of her "Revelations" series


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