Dan Kegel's Fast Ethernet Page (15 Apr 97)

Note: This information provided for entertainment purposes only :-) This page is mostly a collection of pointers to WWW and FTP documents on other servers. If your favorite online source of Fast Ethernet info is not listed here, write me, Dan Kegel <dank@alumni.caltech.edu>. If you need help putting your company's product info on WWW, please read my guide to publishing product info on the Web.

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Any 100Mbps Ethernet-ish networking scheme is considered Fast Ethernet for the purposes of this page. They are divided into several camps:

1000BASE-X (aka Gigabit Ethernet)

100BASE-T (nee 100BASE-X?), 100BASE-T4, and 100BASE-FX


Other (Proprietary) Methods

Distributors of Fast Ethernet hardware

Other Interesting Links

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