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What is ISDN, anyway?

ISDN cards and TA's are like modems, but 5 times faster. They require special telephone lines, which cost a little (or a lot, depending on your phone company) more than normal phone lines. For more info:

BRI (128Kbps) ISDN Cards for other busses (for Macintosh, Amiga)

BRI (128Kbps) ISDN PCMCMIA Cards

BRI (144Kbps) ISDN ISA or MCA Bus Cards

PRI (1.4 or 2.0Mbps) ISDN Cards for MCA, ISA, or VME Bus

Workstations with Built-in ISDN Interfaces

Terminal Adaptors (TA's)

Network Terminators for US BRI (NT-1's)

ISDN Videoconferencing

ISDN Bridges and Routers with Ethernet Interfaces

Routers that don't have ISDN interfaces, but can hook up to ISDN Terminal Adaptors

(yes, we're stretching it a bit, here)

ISDN Computer Networking Hardware Vendors

ISDN Integrated Circuit Hardware Vendors

ISDN Dialtone Providers

ISDN Card + Software + Internet All-In-One-Box Kits for Windows PC's

ISDN Internet Connectivity Providers

ISDN Shareware / Free Software

Commercial ISDN Software

ISDN Switch, PBX & handset vendors

ISDN Certification Labs

ISDN Equipment Distributors

ISDN Consultants / Installers

Search various online databases for ISDN

ISDN user groups

Other ISDN information sources

European ISDN information sources

ISDN non-RFC standards information

The ISDN API battlefield

Internet RFCs and Drafts related to ISDN and/or PPP

Various online discussions about ISDN have moved to a separate file, here.
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