HG2 Problem Workarounds

This is my unofficial list of HG2 problem workarounds. Most people won't need these. Be sure to check the official list at www.activision.com/support. See also the EAR Sound HG2 support page, hg2nn.com, or try a DejaNews Power Search of forum alt.games.heavy-gear.


When try to launch the game, I crash with CRC E2FE-F93D.

  1. From the Windows menu go to-->Start-->Find-->Files or Folders.
  2. Search the hard drive for the following files: ALP.zfs, RIM555.zfs, RIM565.zfs.
  3. If these files are missing, manually copy them from D:\setup\zip\zfs.zip (Where D: is the drive letter of your CD-ROM).
  4. Unzip the files to the Heavy Gear 2 root directory on the hard drive ( usually C:\program files\activision\heavy gear 2\ ).

Overclocked/Overheated CPU's

If you are having any crashes with an overclocked system, try not overclocking. Systems that seem fine when overclocked often have problems that only show up on a few applications. There's a neat writeup on overclocking problems on the Celeron at www.earsound.com/news/issues.html#celeron and http://home.earthlink.net/~eartech/research/celeron.html.

Overclocked CPU problems don't always show up as crashes; EAR Sound says sometimes they show up as stuttering video and/or looping audio.

Even people who don't think they're overclocked sometimes are, thanks to unscrupulous chip resellers, who sometimes label 300MHz parts as 350MHz etc.

You can even have problems if there's a price tag on your CPU between the chip and the heat sink... don't laugh, it happens.

One user had crashes every other game until he fixed his DRAM timing in BIOS (it had been set to 10ns, but he had 8ns RAM, he says). He then crashed only once every few games until he set the motherboard jumper labelled "RAM Speed" to "CPU" instead of "AGP". (The only other program this caused problems for was Truespace, he says.)

Crashes in Multiplayer with lots of sound

If you crash in multiplayer when there are lots of players and/or explosions, and you see one of these CRC's,
024C-C3F9, 113D-9BED, 2AC0-8969, 4320-D1C9, 4DDF-8951, 592E-50A6, 8378-38B0, 8E4C-5933, B125-8D8C, B5C6-3951, BD38-7FC7, C398-F55E, EA47-1ED3, F049-9FBC, or FC54-6DF7
Try installing the latest Ear Sound drivers. See http://www.earsound.com/ and look under "Supported Hardware", or download and run http://www.earsound.com/download/dlls/iaspkg0.exe.

When I join a game on the server, it just boots me back to the lobby.

This happens if you have more than two Internet addresses.

Each active TCP/IP entry in your Networking Control Panel counts as one Internet address. (Also, if your ISP is using a NAT that changes your Internet address, that counts as an extra Internet address.) To fix this, delete unused TCP/IP entries in the Networking Control Panel, delete unused dialup or LAN adaptors in the Networking Control Panel, or disable unused LAN adapters in Control Panel / System / Device Manager while you play.

To tell how many local IP addresses you have, run winipcfg.exe. The pulldown list shows all your interfaces. Those that have IP addresses different from count as an active IP address.

To tell whether you are behind a NAT (which gives you another address), compare the IP address displayed by ICQ with the addresses displayed by winipcfg.exe. If none of the addresses displayed by winipcfg.exe match the one displayed by ICQ, you are probably behind a NAT which is giving you yet another Internet address.

The following ISPs have been reported to use NAT:

In Graphics Options, when I press Accept, it terminates abnormally

... most often, with CRC 06C7-C950 or 8D2C-0C0D. This can happen if you remove or upgrade a graphics card. It may be caused by the game getting confused because the graphics card it had set as its default is no longer there (or no longer being detected). You can fix it by reinstalling the missing graphics card, or going back to the old graphics driver. Deleting the shell\texts\options.cfg file might also be a way to work around the problem.

I can't install the game; the installer just exits silently.

The English version of the game won't install on non-English operating systems. Set your OS for English, then reinstall. Better yet, buy a localized copy of the game, if one is available.

One way to set your OS for English was mentioned on alt.games.heavy-gear by "Wing" (Note: I haven't verified this. Don't try this if you're not comfortable with regedit):

Re: HG2 - Setup won't even run....help
I think that you have to edit the registry to get it working, just as we Chinese Windows users do. Use regedit, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\Locale and set the first item [ ab(default)] to 00000409. This works for Chinese Windows, and I guess that it should work fine on French Windows, too.
Be sure to write down the old value so you can restore it later.

Likewise, if you have a foreign version of the game, it will refuse to install if you don't have the right version of the OS. The same workaround -- setting the registry to match the locale the game expects -- can be used; for instance, the German game wants HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\Locale to be 00000407.

OK, now I've installed the game, but once I'm in, I can't move.

DirectInput uses natural language strings to identify keys, and the game's list of keys in the file 'bindings.def' is in English. If you have a foreign OS, or run on an English OS but with a foreign keyboard, none of the keys will match. The best thing is to buy a localized copy of the game, if one is available.

You can download a zipfile containing 'bindings.def' files for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and Swedish here. (For some languages, Win95 and Win98 have different key names. Both are included.) Grab the 'bindings.def' from the folder in the zipfile named after the appropriate language and OS, and drop it into your HG2 directory. Note that the Portugese bindings file was user-contributed and may contain errors; I don't have the official one for that language.
If you're patient, you can use the game's reconfiguration screen to reconfigure each key.
If you're brave, you can also try editing the file 'bindings.def' (see how-to for French, how-to for German).

Astute users have noticed that the earlier HG2 demo (released in late 1998) creates a file "controls.usr" the first time it runs. This contains the names you'll need when you edit bindings.def.

This won't work properly for key names that use funny chars, so Chinese users will have to wait for the localized version of the game, or somehow play with an English DirectX.

Christer Carlsson (cc@sics.se) contributed the Swedish bindings. Here are his notes:

  1. Only the right hand shift, alt (alt gr) and ctrl buttons works. The left hand buttons won't do anything. If anyone can solve it, please mail me. It might have something to do with that the swedish character "ä" as used in "vänster" (left) is to weird for HG2. On the other hand, "ö" as in "höger" (right) works fine (but this character is used in german too).
  2. The free camera movement key left arrow don't work, but you can always go around the full 360 degrees with right arrow. The reason might be the same as Note 1.
  3. If you go into the control configuration screen in the game, it will reset some of the mappings in the file back to english. It will change back the alt, shift and control mappings and also reset the Esc-key. Edit your keyboard mappings in the bindings.def file instead. Please send me a mail if you have a solution.

Crashing on mission start with custom controls / multiple joysticks

Deleting all but the first joystick line from the file 'bindings.def' seems to solve this one. See dmalnati's Usenet post:
Mentioned in a previous post that I was locking up on the load screen every time I started a mission after the first one. ... Some one on the list E-mailed me asking if it was always after the first mission or after I changed my control configuration, well after testing thing it turned out that it was related to my changing controls. If I just loaded one of the pre done configurations everything worked fine, but if I remapped any of the keys it would lock up as soon as I tried to go into a mission. ... I read an earlier post in which the person mentioned that the had the same problem & could play again by restoring the bindings.def file, I tried this & it worked.

After this I changed my keys around again and checked the new bindings.def to the backed up one, other than the keys I changed the only diferance was in the top of the file where there is a line that describes my joystick, somthing like 0=sidewinder presision pro, well in the original file it only has one line for the presicion pro, on the new bindings.def it has three lines one for each of my controllers ( a Sidwewinder Precision Pro, a Sidewinder Freestyle pro & a Sidewinder Forcefeedback pro.) All are attached at the same time (the Presicion & Freestyle are USB). For the hell of it I deleted all but the first joystick line & guess what my new config works & I don't lock up.

I can't get the throttle to come to a full stop

Romulus Stahl posted a throttle fix using FCA and CTFJ that may help.

Another approach might be to assign forward and backward to different input channels; see the post by Dan Roberts.

Finally, you might consider using the Palex control set instead. It's the HG2 way.

I have an SBLive and things sound bad after I upgrade to LiveWare 2.0

When you installed the new drivers, it may have set your maximum number of voices back to "8". Go under "Device Controls" in the "AudioHQ" control panel and push the wave voices back up to "32".

I hear an annoying crackling sound every few seconds!

According to Major Gearhead, you can fix the crackling sound issue on some cards by downloading the latest reference A3D drivers from http://a3d.com/html/download/drivers/. (Affected cards may include the montego 1 and anything using Crystal Sound.)

My squadmates won't follow me across bridges over lava.

If this happens while in the campaign, try just forging ahead. Your squadmates should eventually catch up to you.

I want to use IPX in multiplayer, but only Internet and TCP are listed!

Download wipx2.zip, unzip it into the anet subdirectory of your Heavy Gear 2 directory, and IPX should now show up in the list of multiplayer connection methods.

Unconfirmed Workarounds

These are just ideas I'm trying out. Use with caution. If you try one, email me and let me know whether or not it helped.

The game can't find my CD, and won't let me play single-player!

First off, make sure you can play the audio tracks of the CD properly; the game requires this. Use the Windows CD player, and make sure you can play track 2. If you can't, EAR Sound's sound setup walkthru and/or EAR Sound's CD Problems Troubleshooting guide can often help you spot the problem.

According to the folks at EAR Sound, if you're occasionally having trouble with HG2 detecting the CD, and you have auto-insert notification software running, disable it! Here's their list of various software packages which can cause this problem, plus notes on how to disable auto insert notification, if known:

Third-party programs that emulate the CD-ROM are also known to cause problems. Virtual Drive 2000, for instance, caused one user's DVD to no longer detect audio tracks properly, even after he uninstalled it.

Finally, a very few users have CD-ROM drives that simply don't like the way HG2 looks for the CD. A fix is in the works.

I seem to be missing some voiceovers during the game.

This is often a sound driver configuration problem. See EAR Sound's "missing voiceover" troubleshooting guide.

I'm stuck in the campaign because I can't get past a certain mission!

You can always skip over the mission by launching it, then bypassing it with the cheat "`set mission".

The game freezes up on me after about a minute.

Various people have reported that playing in 1024x768 causes the system to freeze up after a minute or so. Playing in 640x480 or 800x600 is said to fix the problem. (Affected cards include 16MB voodoo banshee.)

The game crashes sometimes at the end of a mission.

This one's hard to pin down. There are probably several causes.

One cause seems to be a problem with DirectX 6.1, Windows 95, and Internet Explorer 3. According to EAR Sound, the Windows core has been changed by the DX6.1 install, and now Windows 95/IE3 crashes when you unload DirectX. Microsoft no longer supports IE3, and they suggest people in this situation install IE4.

One user reports this kind of problem (with a particular mission) being cured when he updated his SBLive drivers. Another reports that killing csinject (part of Norton Cleansweep) solved his problems.

Instant Action missions crash early on with a CRC.

If you're getting one of the following CRC's,
03DE-7B51, 0F19-FBA6, 1D53-88B5, 2BDC-796C, 3996-0A7F, 8AFF-440A, 98B5-3719, AE3A-C6C0, BC70-B5D3, or FFCB-EF89
early in an Instant Action game, you might try using a different msvcrt.dll.

The mission crashes somewhere in the middle with a CRC.

If you're getting one of the following CRC's,
038F-74F1, 2209-D6BD, 2630-D079, 37BB-F0F6, 58D5-D55B, 7E6D-AD9C, A26A-C644, BDF8-E6B8, CD04-E3E9, D8F8-F05E, or F930-67EE
you might try using a different msvcrt.dll.

Using a different MSVCRT.DLL

Using a different version of this DLL has been reported to help some people. We don't know why.
To do this, copy the file MSVCRT.DLL from the DirectX folder of the CD into the game directory ( usually C:\program files\activision\heavy gear 2\ ).
If this doesn't help, delete the new copy of MSVCRT.DLL to get back to the way things were before.
(Note: there is a systemwide copy of this file in the Windows\system directory. Replacing this is dangerous; it's safer to just put a local copy in the game directory.)

I have Win98 and a Pentium III, and HG2 is crashing on mission startup.

(Thanks to Glenn Arnold for this tip.)
Rob Thompsett posted the following workaround on microsoft.public.directx:
The famous PIII + W98 + DX6.1 Problem. D3D Games crashing/not loading. ... appears to be a problem that Intel/Microsoft/Software Vendors have all chosen to ignore.
The problem arises from the Floating Point Operations of the PIII and Windows Virtual Memory Management (VMM32.VXD).
So why does it happen. Well there's a cute little 23K file named VMCPD.VXD within the C:\Windows\System\VMM32\ directory which gets overwritten. DX6.1, MultiMedia Drivers, etc all appear never to check the version before overwriting it. I will bet if your D3D games are crashing out as they load data then you VMCPD.VXD is version 4.10.1413. To check the version locate the file, right click on it, select Properties and go to the Version tab.
The Fix - You need to extract the VMCPD.VXD from the Windows '98 Cabs (Win98_48.cab). The correct version number is 4.10.1998. Copy this file in to the C:\Windows\System\VMM32\ directory overwriting the existing VMCPD.VXD. Reboot the PC and everything should now be okay.
You can find the reference version of VMCPD.VXD by opening \Win98\Win98_48.cab on your Win98 cd-rom using Winzip 7.0 or later.
If you try this, please send me mail.

Stuff From alt.games.heavy-gear

I have a TNT card, and the framerate is terribly slow.

"Cobra Fighter" wrote:
I had the problem with my TNT (stb velocity 4400) - was totally unplayable framerates - till I found a small card in the box saying that I have to turn off all the video memory cashing and shading in the bios. After that everything was perfect.

I have a Voodoo 1 and a Matrox card, and am getting lockups.

AgentGray fixed his lockups by removing his voodoo1 card. Video cards occasionally have silent conflicts with other cards, so it's best to remove cards you're not using anymore.

I have an AGP graphics card, and am getting lockups.

Some motherboards have trouble supplying enough power to the AGP card. The Riva TNT in particular is said to take more 3.3 volt power (3.5 amps) than most cards (Intel's AGP spec suggests on page 188 that most cards consume less than 2.0 amps on average).

If you have an ATX motherboard whose onboard 3.3 volt regulator can't supply enough power, you may be able to bypass the onboard regulator and use the 3.3 volt supply of your ATX power supply instead; see the workarounds below. Contact your motherboard manufacturer to verify that you need to do this beforehand, since this is a drastic step.

According to Abit, the AGP card needs more power than some of their motherboards can supply. For a workaround and more info, see http://hem.fyristorg.com/redtop/

According to Asus, their P2L97 motherboards before revision 2.04 could only supply 2.5 amps, and do not support the Riva TNT card without modification. Their newer cards can supply 6.0 amps, which is enough to power a single Riva TNT.
For more info, see http://www.asus.com/products/techref/misc/rivatnt.html. For a workaround, see http://www.asus.com/products/techref/misc/rivatnt-rework.html.

I have an ATI Rage Pro graphics card, and I can't see exterior views or menus

Frongoid reports:
I just happened across a work-around for some of the graphics corruptions in HG2. The corruption can result in invisible text in "Esc" and Tactical Map menus, as well as inability to display exterior views (other than blocky shadows, I haven't noticed the other problems listed in the troubleshooting guide).

Here's the fix: having the yellow text brought up by pressing "O" (for orders) fixes this in some maps (but not in the tutorial which requires using the tac map... sigh).

My screen can do 1024x760, but HG2 only lets me play at 640x480

You probably have your screen set for 32 bits per pixel (millions of colors). Set it for 16 bits per pixel (thousands of colors), and all should be well. You do this in the Windows control panel under Display / Settings.

Dan Kegel
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