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horton - an e-mail directory daemon, whois/ph server, and fuzzy mail forwarder

Horton automatically and silently creates a electronic mail address
directory by 'finger'ing each host in your domain periodically,
and lets users look up e-mail addresses with the 'whois' command.
If your company or university doesn't yet have an e-mail directory,
this package will provide you with one without much effort on your part.
It can also be a useful adjunct to a manually maintained e-mail directory,
because it is always up to date, whereas the manually maintained one can
lag weeks or months behind changes in the real world.  (e.g. Caltech has
both a manual whois server and a Horton whois server.)

Besides accepting whois queries, Horton can also forward mail addressed
to John-Miller@horton to the most recent e-mail address for John Miller
in the whois database.  This is sometimes called fuzzy name lookup.
Horton can, as a side effect, also accept ph queries.

For more info, read the man page or the comp.sources.reviewed review.
The source is available as a .ZIP file or as 4 shar archives
 1, 2, 3, 4.

Written in C, but probably should have been written in Perl.

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