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Maryland Rate Hearings Delayed to Jan 29th

The Hearing earlier this month was cancelled because of the sleet storm. One more hearing will be held, on Jan 29th in Rockville MD, before the Maryland PUC rules on Bell Atlantic's proposed rate increase. If you're interested in ISDN in Maryland, find out more at CPT's Bell Atlantic ISDN Action Page.

Ascend using Data-only ISDN As Step towards ADSL

Ascend had a bright idea: if the phone companies don't like us nailing up connections to our ISP's through the phone companies' switches, why not utterly bypass the switches? In other words, use ISDN just like ADSL. Your line will run straight to (naturally) an Ascend router instead of the phone company. You can't make a phone call with it, but you don't have to pay usage charges, either. Plus, you can upgrade to ADSL when it comes down in price, and the backbone can handle it.
You can read about it at Ascend's IDSL web page.NEW

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