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ISDN Hardware

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Network Terminators for US BRI (NT-1's)

Note: in Europe, the telephone company provides the NT-1 at the customer's wall. In the US, the customer must provide one. However, most consumer ISDN equipment sold in the US has an built-in NT-1, so you might not need to get a separate one.

Here's an example of why one might want an external NT-1

Terminal Adaptors (TA's)

BRI (128Kbps) ISDN Cards for other busses (for Macintosh, Amiga, SBUS)

BRI (128Kbps) ISDN Cards for the PCI Bus

BRI (128Kbps) ISDN PCMCIA Cards

BRI (144Kbps) ISDN ISA or MCA Bus Cards

PRI (1.4 or 2.0Mbps) ISDN Cards for MCA, ISA, SBUS, or VME Bus

Workstations with Built-in ISDN Interfaces

ISDN Bridges and Routers with Ethernet Interfaces

Some of the multi-PRI units can act as terminal servers, too, and some even have V.32 etc. modems emulated in software!

ISDN Computer Networking Hardware Vendors

ISDN Integrated Circuit Hardware Vendors

ISDN Hardware + Software + Internet Service All-In-One-Box Kits

ISDN Interoperability Test Workshops/Reports

PRI, BRI Multiplexors / Backup Links

A multiplexor is like a TA. A lot like a TA. In fact, most TA's support BONDING, which is an inverse multiplexing protocol, which means it lets you spread a single connection over several channels to go faster.

The following units support more esoteric applications of multiplexing than the usual TA.

ISDN Telephone, Switch, PBX & handset vendors

ISDN - POTS Converters

Wireless and Satellite ISDN equipment & consultants

ISDN Equipment Distributors

See also: ISDN Consultants/Installers; these tend to be distributors, too
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