Ideally, here's what you'd have to do to add your Internet Service Providing company to my list: Now, I'm not going to refuse to list you if you don't do all of these- but I and your potential customers will sure appreciate the info!
An open letter to ISP's:
I feel that the Web page of any ISDN Internet Service Provider
should help potential customers select equipment and software.

The most important issue is that there are many incompatible
methods in use today for offering Internet access over ISDN:
v.110, v.120, TIA, SLIP, PPP, X.25, etc.
You should mention on your Web page which of these protocols you support.

The second most important issue is that ISDN equipment is not yet
fully interoperable, nor easy to select.
You should mention which boards and boxes customers have successfully used
to connect to your service.

Finally, it is often not clear whether the ISDN user will first log in
to a Unix shell account, and THEN turn on a TCP/IP protocol (perhaps by
running TIA), or whether the TCP/IP protocol is the only way to access
the service.
I'm not sure if ISP's Web pages should bother clearing this up, but
it is a source of confusion sometimes.

These are not difficult requests; all it takes is a few minutes of
an engineer's time to write the Web page, I think, and it will
benefit anyone thinking about ISDN but unsure what equipment to buy.

I care about this because I maintain a list of ISDN ISP's at, and people
get upset at me if I point to sites with insufficient information
about ISDN internet service.  So I'm trying to help ISP's like
you improve their Web pages to meet the needs and expectations
of the Web-surfing public.