From: (Fred R. Goldstein)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn
Subject: Re: New info on PA residential ISDN tariff
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:11:39 ELT
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In article (Larry Pearlstein) writes:

>10) They sell Motorola BitSURFR ($299), IBM WaveRunner, and SecureLink
>products.  All come with NT1.

>11) None of the products that they sell supports data over voice service. 
>***This is untrue, isn't it?***

How can you tell if Bell Awful is lying?  They're not keeping quiet!

The Wave Runner and BitSURFR both do "data over voice" (aka V.110/56k modem, 
DOSBS).  The SecureLink doesn't at present, since its original supplier was at 
one point largely funded by BA to develop it as a Centrex CO-LAN-yeah-right 
geegaw, and BA ordered them not to turn it on.  That might change now that 
it's owned by USR and BA is not financing them.

I suggest that you Pennsylvanians file Intervention at the PUC (DPU?) and 
protest the way your BA neighbors have done!
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From: (Larry Pearlstein) Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn Subject: New info on PA residential ISDN tariff Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 23:47:00 -0500 Organization: Voicenet - Internet Access - (215)674-9290 Lines: 59 Message-ID: NNTP-Posting-Host: I obtained the following information today, from folks at Bell Atlantic. In speaking with about four people, I heard at least that many different opinions about a number of issues. I'll try to stick with the most plausibly correct information, and rank the info in rougly descending order of my confidence in it. I'd be really happy to hear any opinions on whether these facts are plausibly correct, and/or reasonable... PA RESIDENTIAL ISDN == =========== ==== 1) Data service is $0.02/minute prime time, $0.01/minute off peak. I believe that peak is 7 AM to 7 PM. 2) Local area voice is $0.07 *per call*, independent of call length. 3) Digital end-to-end voice calls are permitted, at the voice rate. 4) Sending data over a digital voice channel is not illegal, but goes against the intended us of the service. 5) Some BOCs have started trying to detect when data is sent as a digital voice service. 6) The installation charge is $165, and there is no discount if you are just switching an analog line to ISDN (even though their press release broke it down into $125 + $40). 7) There is a $19.50/month additional charge over measured phone service for ISDN. The measured service either costs about $8.25/month (no calling allowance), or about $10.85/month (with $4/month calling allowance). This, roughly $30/month, gets you 2B + D, where either B can be either voice or data for any call. 8) This $30/month only gets you one phone number. You can have two simultaneous voice calls going. I was unable to get any concensus on whether you could simultaneously receive two calls (to the same number) on each of the two B channels. Is this possible? 9) If your local exchange does not support IDSN, they may be able to provide you ISDN at no additional cost with a foreign exchange. 10) They sell Motorola BitSURFR ($299), IBM WaveRunner, and SecureLink products. All come with NT1. 11) None of the products that they sell supports data over voice service. ***This is untrue, isn't it?*** 12) Local POTS extended area or metropolitan calling plans are not applicaple to ISDN service. 13) Customer requested foreign exchange service is available at an extra charge. I can't think of anything else right now. Best wishes, Larry