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From: vhadley@ee.utah.edu (Vince Hadley)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn
Subject: WE WON!!!! SENATE BILL 147 IS DEAD!!!!
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 00:37:53 GMT


Thanks for your letters, phone calls and email!

The Senate Leadership and the Governor's office have tabled SB147, seeing that
it was opposed by every telecommunications provider
except U.S. West, and it was strongly opposed by you the consumer.

This is a tremendous victory, and YOU are responsible. Your phone calls and
email made all the difference.

If you're in a generous mood, please email the gov. and thank him.

Governor Michael O. Leavitt
State of Utah
210 State Capitol
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 538-1000
Fax: 538-1528
email: governor@email.state.ut.us

You may also want to thank David Steele for coming to his senses and abandoning
the bill, in the interest of all of us who care about
Internet access in Utah.

His email address is: lesenate.dsteele@state.ut.us

From: pashdown@xmission.xmission.com (Pete Ashdown) Newsgroups: utah.general,comp.dcom.isdn Subject: ALERT! SB147 - "The Death of Affordable ISDN in Utah?" Date: 11 Feb 1996 18:35:03 -0700 Organization: XMission Internet (801 539 0900) *ISDN ALERT* ISDN in Utah at an affordable rate is dead if SB 147 is passed in the legislature. This bill would allow US West to bypass the public service commission and set their own rates. We all know how US West feels about ISDN at a low rate. There is no time to lose on this since the committee hearing is 8 a.m. next Tuesday, February 13, at Room 403 in the State Capitol. By February 29th the legislature will be over. XMission has placed copies of the proposed bill, with instructions on what you can do to fight it, online. This is at web address: http://www.xmission.com/isdn-sb147.html "With this legislation, US West is trying to backdoor their ludicrous ISDN pricing and preserve their monopoly in Utah. Don't let this go unnoticed." - Pete Ashdown XMission -- Pete Ashdown pashdown@xmission.com Salt Lake City, Utah XMission Internet Access - Data: 801 539 0900 - Voice: 801 539 0852
From: hollaar@ursa18.cs.utah.edu (Lee Hollaar) Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn Subject: Re: USWEST files for ISDN tariff to be set in UTAH ...possibly by the end of OCT. Date: 2 Nov 1995 03:25:56 GMT Organization: University of Utah In article <46p7ac$kjf@news.cc.utah.edu> vhadley@ee.utah.edu (Vince Hadley) writes: >USWEST will be filing for a tariff to be set for ISDN service possibly >by the end of October (in the next few days). Estimates have it that >they will be asking for possibly $70+ for Basic rate service. They >are also planning to increase the already expensive commercial rates >by 45%! Other telecoms in other states have it much lower...around >$25-35 per month. And added to that there is no gaurantee that you'll >even see a flat rate for ISDN but a measured service as in some states >like Arizona, although Colorado managed to get it set as a flat rate. The tariff was filed on October 31st. Basic rate service, if you are within range of an existing ISDN-capable switch is: $ 39.00 per month and $0.10 per minute, or $ 68.00 per month and $0.10 per minute after 200 hours, or $184.00 per month flat rate. Installation is $110.00. Lee Hollaar
From: fgoldstein@bbn.com (Fred R. Goldstein) Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn Subject: Re: USWEST files for ISDN tariff to be set in UTAH ...possibly by the end of OCT. Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 11:59:21 ELT Organization: Bolt Beranek & Newman Inc. Lines: 39 Message-ID: References: <46p7ac$kjf@news.cc.utah.edu> <479do4$2n5@magus.cs.utah.edu> <47bs9r$cur@empire.texas.net> In article <47bs9r$cur@empire.texas.net> mgawdun@texas.net (Mike Gawdun) writes: >These rates are as absurd as those charged by Southwestern Bell in >Texas. It is not such a surprise that these two telcos have the fewest >number of ISDN users in the country. I would like to know what >marketing school these boneheads graduated from. The "protect our other services" school. USWest believes that Frame Relay is the ONE true answer for data service. The phone network should be forever analog (or T1 trunks priced at analog per-channel rates) and ISDN is an evil distraction from the serious business of FRAME RELAY. Thus they intentionally price ISDN higher than FR. >>The tariff was filed on October 31st. Basic rate service, if you are >>within range of an existing ISDN-capable switch is: >> $ 39.00 per month and $0.10 per minute, or Useful for "incoming only" applications. >> $ 68.00 per month and $0.10 per minute after 200 hours, or The real offering. >> $184.00 per month flat rate. The only oddity is the 10c/min for "excessive" calling. It's patently absurd, since it costs telco less than 1c/minute for any and all local calls of any bearer. Having a 200 hour cap on some services is reasonable since those pennies add up when people NEVER hang up the call and use ISDN as a leased line. The $184 is basically a 128 kbps leased line rate, "in your face" tariffing. >>Installation is $110.00. Sure beats Texas. (Actually, they probably lose money on installs.) -- Fred R. Goldstein k1io fgoldstein@bbn.com Bolt Beranek & Newman Inc., Cambridge MA USA +1 617 873 3850 Opinions are mine alone; sharing requires permission.
From: deric@byu.edu (Deric Eldredge) Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn Subject: PSC Scheduling Conference for hearings in Utah on ISDN Date: Sat, 02 Dec 1995 22:40:43 GMT Organization: CRL Dialup Internet Access Lines: 58 Message-ID: <49qkip$rf7@nntp.crl.com> NNTP-Posting-Host: crl.com X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 Vince Hadley would have made the last two postings himself, but his computer is down right now and he is working on getting it back online. In the mean time he ask me to update everyone. The PSC is planning to hold a scheduling conference on Tuesday during which a public hearing date will be set so that citizens can comment on the US West ISDN tariff in the State of Utah. The following conference information was published in the Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday, November 30, 1995 in the business section. The article was similar to the one in the Desert News, but there were a few errors in it. Source: Salt Lake Tribune (11/30/1995) Pg B-4. Story: (Transcribed by me, forgive any typing mistakes) US WEST's Digital Network Delayed Regulators Want More Input on Affordability By Judy Fahys Utahns will soon find themselves the stars of those futuristic scenes in which people conduct full-motion video conferences over their home computers, thanks to a sweeping expansion of services being proposed by US WEST Communications Co. The proposal for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) would have gone into effect Friday, but the state regulators last week made a move to delay the phone company's plans until officials and the public have the opportunity to study the proposal for fairness. "There is considerable public interest in the establishment and proposed pricing of ISDN service," said the state's Division of Public Utilities in a Nov. 20 memo to the Public Service Commission.". . . Based on the perceived consumer interest, the division suggests that a hearing be held to receive public input." ********************************************************************** The PSC set a hearing (this is really the scheduling conference) for 9 a.m., Tuesday (December 5, 1995), in Room 426 of the Heber Wells Building, 160 E 300 S, Salt Lake City. ********************************************************************** . . . Published 30 November 1995 1995 Salt Lake Tribune. ----------------------------------- This article also mentions Vince, but I don't have time to transcribe the whole thing. Please, if you want to help in the fight come to the scheduling conference. Going to this meeting will be very informative about what will transpire at the future hearings. Deric Eldredge deric@byu.edu
From: vhadley@ee.utah.edu (Vince Hadley) Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn,uu.general,utah.general Subject: Announc: Utah ISDN tariff issues- A mail request server and mailing list Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:47:43 GMT Organization: University of Utah Computer Center Lines: 46 Message-ID: <48brcp$m6c@news.cc.utah.edu> NNTP-Posting-Host: ctsasync8.cc.utah.edu X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 ****************************************************** Announcing: The Utah ISDN tariff email-info-request server. If you send a blank email message to: isdn-info@xmission.com You will recieve information about the ISDN tariff in Utah as well as info on how you can get involved in resolving this issue. There are a wide range of ideas there for involvement on this issue. ****************************************************** Also announcing the Utah ISDN tariff mailing list. To keep abreast of the latest in developments, to locate and correspond with others about the ISDN tariff in Utah and ISDN itself, and ask questions of others that may know more, etc., SUBSCRIBE to the UTAH ISDN Tariff "mailing list." A mailing list contains the addresses of a group of people, all of whom are interested in a single topic. When you mail a message to a designated address, it goes to everyone on the list. Using a mailing list to share ideas and information is a lot like using a Usenet newsgroup. In fact, many newsgroups are distributing as mailing lists. To subscribe to the Utah Tariff ISDN mailing list, send an email to the following address isdn-request@xmission.com with the words in the body of the message (not in the subject field): subscribe isdn A message come back to you from that list telling that you are subscribed. Also included in the message will be information on how to later UNSUBSCRIBE and other list commands as well. Then for sending messages to list-subscribers send them to isdn@xmission.com unless of course you just want to "talk" with someone on the list privately, in which case you can just send your messages to them directly.