la.* propagation test

On Nov. 30th, 1995, I logged in to three different Usenet sites in LA (Caltech, host1, and Leonardo), and examined their current set of Usenet messages in la.personals and The differences were striking; many recent messages were missing from both groups on two of the sites.

(Host1 is a pseudonym; the sysadmin there is aware of some problems and is working to correct them.)

I also posted a test message titled "A proposed charter for la.*" to la.config from each system.

Thu, 30 Nov 1995 07:56:10 GMT (29 Nov, 11:56PM PST): sent from host1
  1. one minute later at host1
    Xref: host1 la.config:11 la.general:14412
Not received anywhere else yet
30 Nov 1995 17:17:19 GMT (30 Nov, 09:17 AM PST): sent from caltech
  1. one minute later:!dank
    Xref: la.config:53 la.general:21341
  2. one day later in San Diego:!decwrl!!!dank
    Xref: la.config:41 la.general:18193
Not yet received at host1 or Leonardo
30 Nov 1995 17:42:07 GMT: sent from Leonardo
  1. one day later in San Diego:!! !!!!usenet
    Xref: la.config:42 la.general:18207
  2. one day later:!! !!! !!!!usenet
    Xref: la.config:54 la.general:21362
Not yet received at host1

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