Last night I walked to the neighborhood cafe for an iced coffee and to read "The Mysterious Affair at Styles Court" (1922, A. Christie). On the way there, I saw a couple embracing tenderly on the escalator; saw beautiful little clouds high above the sunset; and ran into a coleague from work, who had the same idea as me for a Friday evening. (Though more elegant by far; he had on a nice wool jacket and brought a pipe(!); I had on a dumpy sweatshirt. Still, I felt relieved to see I wasn't the only one without a date!) The music was retro, but still I couldn't help dancing and singing when Simon & Garfunkle's "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" came on.

They say nerds grow up late, and I'm no exception! I've loved and been loved off and on for many years, and I keep learning more about relationships. One of these days I'd like to write a book- I'll create characters that have some of the more amazing traits I've seen in friends and lovers, put them in some of the situations I've been in or seen, and sit back and watch them stub their toes, dance, fall in and out of love, and grow or not grow.